Golf question: blocks/knobs on course

What are these for? Apparently there are little blocks or knobs set in the ground, only a few inches high, near a tee. Are they there to keep golfers from hitting the ball in a particular direction? :confused:

Gasp, I can answer a golf question!

They mark where you are supposed to tee off from.

The ones closer to the green are for women, the ones further for the men.

In one of the Munsters movies, Herman thought they were practice balls.

Like these?

Courses have as many as 5 different sets. Most courses have at least 2, men’s and ladies, and most better courses have 3. The front ones (closest to the green) are generally for senior or women, with the back ones for very accomplished golfers. I’m looking at a score card for Olympia Fields, and from the front tees the course plays 5408, and from the back 7177. (OF will host the US Open in 2003.)

When teeing off, you must hit your ball from between the tee markers. You cannot be in front of them, but can play from up to 2 club lengths behind them. As long as your ball is between the markers, you can stand outside them.

Little known official golf rule - if you are playing from the men’s tees and you fail to drive past the women’s tees, that is a Texas Whip, and you must play the rest of that hole with your dick hanging out of your pants.

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And what happened? :wink: :eek: