Golf Terms: Please Help Me!

I’m trying to put together a list of common and not-so-common Golf terms, and I wanted to call upon Doper Golfers to help. If you are willing to assist, here’s what I’d like to see…

Term; Description; Usage

The Shanks; A genearal breakdown in one’s ability to stike a golf ball effectively, an evident, sudden, and immediate lapse in golf aptitude usually characterized by copious use of profanity; “I don’t want Dan in my foursome. He’s got the Shanks, and they may be contagious.”

Please do not hesitate to re-submit a term with a variation in meaning, if it fleshes out the overall definition.

Texas Whip; a man’s drive that does not travel past the women’s tees. Resulting penalty is that the guy has to play the rest of that hole with his dick hanging out of his trousers.

Thurman Munson; a shot hit sharply to the left - in other words - a dead yank.

Wormburner; ball that never gets up in the air.

T.C. (aka Two Chip): A rare shot whereby the ball is struck once on the downswing, and then again on the followthrough, sending the ball careening in a random direction usually nowhere near the hole. In honor of T.C. Chen, who demonstrated said shot in the final round of the U.S. Open, turning a four stroke lead into a one stroke deficit in one hole.

Kinda already been done, but you might get a lot more out of this site.

I’m constantly amazed by how many people who watch golf don’t know what this means, so this is my contribution. :slight_smile:

Greens in regulation: this is a statistic that refers to the number of holes in which a golfer gets the ball to the green in (par ? 2) strokes. Par for any hole is generally based on how many strokes it will take to reach the green plus 2 strokes allotted for putting. Strokes to the green varies by yardage…on short holes (par 3), you can often get to the green on your drive, while on long holes (par 5), it would take an average player 3 strokes to get to the green. So, if you hear the commentator say that Tiger Woods has 90% greens in regulation on the first 9 holes, it means that he got to the green 8 out of 9 times in 2 strokes less than par for each hole.

Note that this doesn’t have any bearing on whether a golfer actually made par on any particular hole…it only means that they got there in the predicted number of strokes. You can get to a green in regulation, but still birdie or bogie on the hole.

Yips - Inability to putt, typically pulling the ball left (for a rt hander). Used as in “getting the yips”

Cart tart - the girls driving the beverage carts

Dickout - Another name for the Texas Whip

Dance Floor - The Green. As in “Get there, get there. Yes! I’m on the dance floor” (usually requires about 8 shots for me).

Agent Scully - A mishit shot that screams about knee-level across the green. A.K.A. a skull

Limbaugh - A shot that starts out OK, then violently veers right. A slice

Chili Dip - Hitting a short approach shot so fat that you take a huge mound of dirt out and the ball goes about five feet.

Weather Report - Getting under a fairway shot (usually with a wood) such that it goes about 20 yards forward and 100 yards straight up in the air

Dreaded Horseshoe - when the putt almost goes in, but circles the hole instead and comes out the other side. (A favorite of broadcaster Ben Wright).

Not exactly on topic, but my favorite Golf expression: When someone clearly used the wrong club or hit it way too hard and the ball skies the green: “Woah - I think you used a little too much dynamite there, Butch.”

Duck Hook - A shot that curves severely from right to left (for a right-hander). As in “Headshok tried to be a hero, but hit a duck hook into the lake instead.”

Rainmaker - Synonym for Weather Report.

@#$#%! - A mis-hit chip shot that rolls across the green and into a bunker.

Crap-flinging: The ever popular ‘chucking of one’s clubs into ponds, trees, fairways, etc.’

-Never ceases to amaze me that those sticks they’re flingin’ around are worth more than my car.

snowman taking an eight on a hole.

personal favorite-

German- taking a 9 on a hole. So named because when asked by your playing partner what you got, you grit your teeth and say Nine. (sounds like Nein)

ooh, that’s a Linda, as in that’s a Blue Bayou (Blew By You), as what John Daly would say as his tee shot lands 50 yards past everyone elses…

Greens in regulation: ball on green in (par-1) shots.

erictelevision, see above. Greens in reg. is ball on green in par-2 shots.

And the person on in reg, closest to the hole, gets the “prox”

I made up for myself “The Stephen Sondheim”

I use that for my shots which, as is their wont, end up “Into the woods”.

Texas Wedge using the putter instead of chipping.

Tree Wood The club that made you hit a tree with your shot :smiley:

Foot Wedge Using your foot to improve your lie in the fairway.


Texas Wedge: using a putter to hit the ball, but not with the clubface.

19th hole: the course bar.

Albatross: AKA double eagle. The rarest shot in golf.

Sandbagger: one whose handicap is actually much lower than what they say it is.

Up and down: one chip out of a bunker, and one putt into the hole.