Goliath - Amazon Studios [OPEN SPOILERS!]

Spoilers ahead…
So we watched Goliath. Fantastic show. The writing is amazing - refreshing. Season 1 was pretty much flawless.

Now season 2. The dialog is still great. Shot beautifully. I liked it but the plot is a little hard to follow. Specifically why did Julio have to die? Why did anyone need to be to be framed for Julio’s brothers? They were gang-bangers, why not just kill them and not worry about who killed them. As a matter of fact… why did they need to die at all.

The bad guys were killing people left and right after that and didn’t feel the need frame anyone for those.

All that said, I still love the show. Joe Bob says two thumbs up.

I enjoyed the first season; Billy Bob was great and I like stories about legal shenanigans. I gave up about halfway through season two because at some point I realised I had no particular interest in what would happen next.

I generally have mixed feelings about plots involving murderous cover-ups or dark conspiracies. I have an “uncanny valley”-like reaction where after a certain tipping point of complexity the conspiracy suddenly seems pointlessly stupid and all of the dramatic tension is lost. (See also: Damages, Terriers, X-Files)

I watched the first two seasons because my friend is in the show, I liked it well enough. (I don’t have Amazon Prime anymore so I can’t continue to watch,) I hope she gets another part based on the success of this one. :slight_smile: