Golly, that looks tasty

What’s in the freezer, I wonder?
Ahhhh, that must be that portion of chilli I put there ages ago. Yum.

Quick blast in the microwave.

Oh, it’s chicken stock. I don’t have any chilli at all.


Inspired by the OP, I just checked the freezer.

1 container home-made vegetable soup
1 container chili
1 meatloaf
3 bag chicken parts, variously flavored
4 lbs. bratwurst
2 ham steaks
misc. partially-consumed bags of potato variations (hash browns, fries, waffle-cut, etc.)
We’ve got to start eating down the freezer…the peaches are getting ripe and we need the room! :smiley:

Put it on the stove, throw in some egg noodles and whatever veggies you have handy. Bring to boil, enjoy.

My mom always has turkey soup in her freezer. She doesn’t freeze the noodles, so you gotta boil it long enough to cook them.

Lack of egg noodles and lack vegetables, and lack of everything else (why was I looking in the freezer?!) made the inspirational creation unlikely. Plus having drunk too much wine :wink:

Trust me, when sober and well-stocked, I’m inventive. Whereas right now I’m annoyed that I’m too drunk to drive to Tesco and buy a microwave chilli. I’m going to have to cook it tomorrow, that’s just how my appetite works. Single-mided. Until it gets fiery beef, it’s not going to be happy.

Maybe tabasco on a bacon sandwich for breakfast would confuse it?

Maybe not.