Gollygosh I'd like to shove these cigarette butts up your ass...

all 47 of them I picked up off my front lawn and sidewalk over the few days. That pully-outy thingy in your fucking dashboard is called an “ashtray.” That is where you deposit your butts when you finish your fags. Not out your window and onto my lawn. It doesn’t help matters, you stupid cocksucker, that we haven’t had rain here in weeks and things are getting awfully dry; every butt you casually flick out the window is a fire hazard.
Cretin. Dumbass. Fucktard. Jerkoff. Learn some fucking smoking etiquette or give up the habit.

They won’t. When I was a smoker I field-stripped by butts & tossed them out the window to avoid stinking up my car. The irony, I know. As an ex-smoker, I view other people’s cigarette butts as karma that might someday pass.

My cigarette butt beef is that I have seen smokers who wouldnt even dare to leave a candy wrapper on the ground, but have no problems tossing the butts. I dont think it even registers in thier minds. My roommate is a smoker and he smokes outside. There is an ashtray right next to his chair that he smokes in but still feels the need to toss the remnents of his filthy habit across the backyard. And he is big on having a nice backyard! I dont get it. I would kind of like to be able to walk around without shoes on in the summer and not have to step on trash all day long.

The most disturbing thing is that this spring I saw bird after bird pick up the filters to make their nests with the soft tar incrusted centres.

I hate
I Hate

To pre-empt those who will come in and say that butts are organic and just dissolve, let’s just state right away that cigarette butts can take between 4 and 15 years to break down, they’re just loaded with toxic chemicals which were both native to the tobacco, and added during the curing/wrapping/sticking on the useless filter stage. And the filters can last for decades.

It blows my mind that we’re in the middle of a rather nasty drought in my area, grassfire warnings are being posted, and I still see 2 or 3 folks driving in front of me every day who flick their cigarettes out the car window.

I agree that nobody should throw any kind of trash out their car window, and certainly not anything that’s smoldering.

Nitpick: The suggestion of pulling out the “pully-outy thingy in your fucking dashboard” is sometimes not an option. Many cars these days don’t have ashtrays. This is not an excuse, of course. If a person is going to smoke in his car, and it doesn’t have a built in ashtray, then of course he should bring one.

I see this at work, too. There is a designated outdoor smoking area with large sand-filled containers for cigarette butts. These containers are inevitably surrounded by butts crushed out on the ground.

The whole idea of consideration and etiquette is not that difficult.

Man, no way. I don’t want that digusting thing stinking up my car. Out the window it goes.

What I hate is some of them don’t even bother stamping them out first. I once watched a classmate toss a still smoking butt into the bushes outside the building. I waited until she went in and then took it and put it in the sand bin just inches from the door.

May I suggest you swallow it instead? That will certainly keep it out of the upholstery.

I think you got whooshed. If not, what an asshole.

With regards to the OP, amen. I’m a heavy smoker and I never throw my butts out of the window or onto the ground. I wouldn’t chuck a cup or bag out after eating, so what’s the difference?

What really gets me is the smokers who finish their cigarette on the way into the store, etc, and then flick it off to the side. Put it in the ashtray! If there isn’t one, crush it on the bottom of your shoe and put it in your pocket to toss out later! Argh!

And don’t put them out on the side of the damn building! Want I should just smear tar and ash all over your office or house walls whenever I’m done with mine? No? Then don’t do it anywhere else, you fuckers!

The problem with the putty-outy thing in the dashboard is that if the cretin magically learns that skill, he’ll just pull the entire putty-outy thing out of the dash while sitting in the 7-11 parking lot and dump the entire thing on the road. An entire ashtray full of butts lying on the road is a common sight around convenience stores in these parts.

On those few early mornings when I wished I still smoke, I’ll wish I knew where you guys lived.

Maybe we should start a meme though general thought to remind people that one way that law enforcement has to gain a DNA sample of a non-cooperative suspect is to watch them and collect any butts they dispose of in public?

You were one in a hundred, dude… one in a hundred. :frowning:

This just makes me so angry. I nearly got into fistfights and had some hot arguments with friends and relatives.

Once I was riding my motorcycle and a lit cig butt almost hit my face (I had the visor up). That was after other close calls and I lost it, the guy didn’t apologize and I got into a bit of a tussle. Nothing good came out of it but it sure felt good. I was less cynical back then too. Now someone might throw a dirty diaper at me and I would be unfazed. Hmmm, or not.

Now during the summer there’s the fire hazard issue. Every summer whole areas of this country’s green zones burn down and yet these fucking worthless pieces of shit think nothing about flicking their lit cigarettes out of the window. FUCKERS! That’s what made me take a more proactive stance.

I have even seen cops do it after legislation was passed to prevent it.

The college campus area where I leave my motorcycle also has this little mountain of cigarette butts from the ashtray of some car. IT’S A FUCKING LAWN! ON A CAMPUS! There’s garbage cans everywhere! How is it possible to explain this behaviour?!

As, a smoker I have to say they piss me off as well.

Yes I have done such a stupid thing, but hey we are all young and dumb.
Still not to bright (have not quit) yet, I have gotten almost obsessive in my cigarette butt disposal. I do not throw them out of the window of my vehcle, and if there is not an ashtray outside, I pull the burning end of the stub (ember paper and tobacco) off grind it out and throw the filter away later in a trashcan.

People my or may not like my choice of smoking. This does not require that I act like a self centered jerk and use the world as my ashtray.



You want to see self-centered jerks when it comes to smoking, come to Korea. It doesn’t matter a whit to those jerks that there are “no smoking” signs clearly posted in a restaurant, they’ll light up. It doesn’t matter at all that they’re in the middle of a crowd of people, none of whom is smoking, they’ll light up and not care at all about the people who have to suffer their noxious stench. When it comes to disposing the cigarette butts, that’s easy for them also…just drop it on the ground, not even taking the time to stomp it out.

Oh, yes, they see their habit as the most important thing in the world and to heck with you for bothering to point out that they’re the ones being jerks.

By “those jerks” in my posting above, I refer only to the jerks who act in the way I described in said post. I am not referring to all Korean people as jerks.

I’m glad someone started this thread, because i was going to do it myself after seeing three different people throw cigarette butts out of car windows yesterday. Also, as someone else has already pointed out, the people who do this are often people who would be horrified if they saw someone throw a burger wrapper or a soda can out the car window. Why they cannot get it through their thick skulls that cigarette butts also constitute litter, i will never understand.

For some reason I love this thread title. It’s not over-done, just heartfelt and funny. Any I agree with the rant an’ all.

Yup, I pretty much felt the same way when we were having incredibly dry summers, complete with water rationing so no watering of lawns, and dumbasses kept flicking their butts on my “lawn” (a better word for it would have been “kindling”). Hey, loser, how would you like it if I followed you home and set your house on fire?