Gomer Pyle Dancing?


At 0:40 is that Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) of Andy Griffith fame cutting a rug?

IMO that guy looks quite different facially from him.

Here’s a non-goofy studio shot of Nabors.

I see the resemblance, but absolutely not.

I am a Gomer Pyle expert, by the way.
ETA: Not to prove my point, but for your entertainment. The cutting of the rug starts shortly after 0:50


The moves resemble Gomer Pyle dancing to Led Zeppelin


Jim Nabors danced on an episode of The Andy Griffith Show as well as entertainment shows. I’m not sure why but in this video his facial expressions, particularly that of mouth, seem to be signature of the characters he’s played.

Here’s a clip of him dancing on the Gomer Pyle show. Even though it’s done for laughs he clearly knows how to dance.

So I think there’s a good chance it’s him.

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The moves resemble Gomer Pyle dancing to Led Zeppelin


That is awesome. Thanks for posting.

Sure, it’s him. Even if Nabors wasn’t a dancer, a few days of instruction plus the benefit of many takes would have made the scene quite manageable.

I don’t know why I think that this is the scariest thread title in the history of Café Society.

I am not saying it’s not him because of the dancing.

I am saying it’s not him because, well, it’s not him. :slight_smile: