GOM's alien conspiracy theory

In an earlier thread I asked:

GOM reasonably asked that I start a new thread to keep the earlier one on topic, so I started this one.

GOM, would you care to enlighten us?

Clearly, the Black Helicopters have taken GOM.

Is there no one left to speak the truth?!

GOM, are you there?

I think you can probably find him at the Pizza Parlor. I think he goes by JunkYardFrog there.

Yes, I have seen him post on that site numerous times, usually arguing with someone named tardigrade. :wink:

Be honest, Lib. Did you even read the OP?

Well, Ben, in the “the truth about color photos of Mars” thread, he sounds like he’s genuinely thinking it over what Podkayne is saying, so maybe he’s not just another tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.

If he were another Seethruart or Hiyruu, he’d have been here by now, I think.

There used to be a poster named Gom over at the Pizza Parlor, but it’s not necessarily the same person.

It is the same poster, DDG. He identified himself in the Save Polycarp thread.

What’s your point? I never suggested that he was a Seethruart or a Hiyruu. GOM clearly has a conspiracy theory, I asked him what it was, and he indicated that I should start this thread so that he could tell us about it. The problem is that now that I’ve started the thread, for some reason GOM isn’t posting his theory in it after all.

The real conspiracy is that if we all knew Mars was pink, rednecks would call it the gay planet and not support missions there. So NASA lies to keep its funding from being cut by fundies. Trust me, i knew a guy who once drew a picture of a spaceship, i know what i’m talking about!

I beg your pardon? :slight_smile: Was there something in your OP that I violated when I told you where you might find GOM?

Well, see, Ben, I disagree that Gom “clearly” has a conspiracy theory. I just heard him ask some questions about the color of photos on Mars, and since most, if not all, of the people who ask those sorts of questions are also NASA conspiracy theorists, it’s natural to assume that Gom is one, too. But until he actually comes out and says he believes that, I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s just turning the idea over in his mind, and he’s not sure enough of himself to bring it up in public, no doubt being perfectly aware that it’s just a conspiracy theory.

Besides, just because you opened this thread doesn’t obligate him to come in here and expound upon his theory, and not incidentally get immediately jumped on by half of Great Debates. :wink: You know that’s what would happen. He’s not stupid over at the Pizza Parlor, either. :smiley:

If GOM is afraid of that happening, then why did he tell me that I should start a new thread specifically so that he could expound upon his theory?

And isn’t it simple politeness for him to actually go through with explaining his theory at this point? If he didn’t intend to explain it, it was rude of him to suggest that I should start a thread for him.

GOM, now that I’ve started the thread as you suggested, do you have any intention of actually posting your theory?