Gonna Be Another East Coast World Series - Anyone Gonna Watch?

Nope. But I wouldn’t have regardless. I always root for a quick series.

Not knowing if I can use the F word here, I’ll just offer a polite:

The only way I will watch a game of the Series is if the Marlins win 3 first.

Damned Yankees.

The Marlins are an exciting young team. Pudge Rodriguez is playing the baseball games of his life. And the Yankees are still a powerhouse.

If there was a terrible series, it was Boston-Oakland. The Red Sox didn’t win that series – Oakland threw it away with bonehead errors, including a player that failed to touch home plate. The Red Sox couldn’t hit their way out of a paper bag.

And if you’re a real* baseball fan, you realize that after the World Series, there’s a 5-month drought so you have to stock up with what’s available!

Waitaminute . . . You mean there’s going to be more games?! I thought when the Yankees won, that was it!

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I’m watching the World Series but my interest in the games is only a fraction of what it would’ve been if the Cubs and/or the Red Sox were in it (and I’m not even a fan of either team). I was afraid that a Marlins-Yankees series would be anticlimatic after the high drama of the play-offs. After four games, that seems to be the case (unless, of course, if you live in New York or Dade County).

Anyway, I’m going for the Marlins. However, it’s not because I like the team but instead because they are not the Yankees.

Wow, you guys are missing some good action. How can you not love the scrappy Florida Marlins? I thought everyone loved scrappy underdogs. Yeah, I know, the Marlins have no “tradition” but you have to love these young kids playing. Juan Pierre, Josh Beckett, Dontrelle Willis are all fantastic to watch. I’ve been very entertained so far, and I normally hate baseball.

It’s the World Series. Doesn’t matter who’s playing; I’ll always watch the Series, period. And I’ve taken a weird liking to Dontrelle Willis; he throws like he’s got dynamite in his shoulder.

Not to mention that as of Game Four, it’s been some pretty good baseball.

I’m with jackelope. Unlike him (presumably), I know nothing about baseball but I’m amazed that baseball fans wouldn’t watch the world series. That’s like not watching a world cup final or an All-Ireland Final. I have watched many of these games where I wished both teams could lose but any true fan of the game could not bring him/herself to miss them. Very strange.

It isn’t necessarily amazing that a (former?) baseball fan would NOT watch the World Series.
If your team has never won a WS in your lifetime (starting with the 7th-game loss in 1946), and since then, has managed to lose every series - in the 7th f@cking game -in which it has appeared, you might get a little jaded.

Excellent series so far.

Only one blow out (Game 2). Every other game has been real close, both teams having opportunities to win, extra innings, hit batsmen, home runs, stolen bases, errors, fantastic plays, and overall excellent pitching. For BOTH teams.

So now its the best two out of three. Thank you Hank Blaylock for the Yankee home field advantage.