Gonna Be Another East Coast World Series - Anyone Gonna Watch?

Marlins v Yankees.

Will this world series be a major turn-off for most of the country just like the previous Subway Series (200) or the La La Land Series (2002)?

With Chicago gone, and now Boston, who’s going to watch two East Coast teams?


If Chicago was in it, I would watch. Just for the fan factor.

Tho, prolly not whole games. Not each one either.

OK, it would’ve barely pulled it up out of the maginally interesting for a brief moment in time.

Marlins? He’ll just sell the guys in it now and refinance for next year.

Yankees? meh.
For the most part, MLB is meh to me, except when actually in attendance at a game. TV MLB does nothing for me.

So… to answer OP: No.

I’ll watch that new Joe Millionaire before I’ll watch this series.

I’ll watch a Small Wonder marathon.

I’ll watch home video from the Hazleton Loyal Order of Moose.

Mr. Rilch: “How 'bout bloopers from ‘She’s the Sheriff’?” Me: Yeah, that too.

I’ll watch bass fishing, line dancing, and a live feed from City Hall in Casper, Wyoming, before I’ll watch this series.

The teams that it would have meant the most to were eliminated. I have no desire to see either NY or FLA win another World Series. So no.

Hell yes.

I would have loved to watch the Yanks rip those Cub’s heart out, but i guess we’ll have to wait another 86 years.

In the meantime, I’ll watch them kill the Marlins.

It’s odd.

I hate the Yankees. Hate them with a nigh-religious fervor.

But I can’t make myself root for the Marlins.

So, no.

Not a chance.

I’ll be rooting for the Marlins. But I’ll be following the action through the newspapers, not the TV.

Nope. Ain’t gonna do it. If I’m behind enemy lines and come up on a group of friendlies I guess they’ll just have to shoot me cause I won’t know who won the 2003 WS.

I went so far yesterday as to cancel my DirecTV subscription.

My television brings me nothing but pain.

There isn’t a chance I will watch. Out of the eight teams going into the post season I couldn’t possibly imagine a worse, more boring match up. Yankees fans may get excited, but the rest of the world just doesn’t care who wins.

I’ll definitely watch. I hate the Yankees, but this has been a really exciting Florida team. I’m jumping on their bandwagon. I watched them play one of the most exciting series ever against the Giants. And then I watched them do it again against the Cubbies.

And I don’t think the Yankees are going to walk over this team. The only team with a better record than the Fish since Trader Jack took over was Atlanta. I’m not saying that the Yankees won’t win, they’re the favorites. But I think it goes 6 or 7.

So yes, I’ll be watching and I think it’s going to be a fun series. I think that you guys who are jumping ship are going to miss out.

There are not enough syllables in the word “No”.

It depends, Have they announced the undercard yet? Maybe Zimmer vs Pudge? Steinbrenner vs Huizenga? Personally I’d love to see Clemens throw at Derrick Lee and get his head ripped off.

First of all, I want to make it very clear that I am a baseball fan first above all other sporting things.

I would watch the World Series if the Detroit Tigers played the Cincinnati Reds in 2003.

Secondly, I am now and always have been a Yankee fan.

Needless to say, I will be watching every single pitch of every single game of this World Series.

Huizenga no longer owns the team. That would Jeff Loria.

And that just makes it worse.


I think I shocked someone.

If Florida is up 3 games to whatever and has a chance at winning the series I’ll watch. Otherwise, no.