Fuck the Marlins

I meant to post this earlier, when it would have done some good. Too little too late, but I still want to point out why we all should have been cheering for the Yankees.

People bitch and complain that the Yankees are what’s wrong with baseball because they have money and they spend it. That’s true, but the Yankees are the, well maybe not perfect, but they are a great example of capitalism. George wants to win so George spends his money. He likes winning. The Yankees fans actually care. They might be spoiled, but they care about their team and they want them to win.

The Marlins were an expansion team not that long ago. They helped to usher in the era of home uniforms, road uniforms, third uniforms, Sunday uniforms, alternate home uniforms, and alternate road uniforms. Since they came into the league in the 90’s their uniforms, of course, had to include turquoise.

The Marlins just won the World Series in 1997, and how did they do it? They bought it. People say the Yankees buy championships, what about the Marlins? Did they have anyone on that team that played a key role and was originally drafted by the team? Were any of those players still on the team after their then owner, Wayne Huizenga (a guy that sucks equally as hard for starting Blockbuster) decided to have a fire sale? Never mind their current fucking fuck of an owner Jeffrey Loria. I don’t remember exactly what his story is, but he seems like a real asshole for whatever the shennanigans were that he pulled with the other shitty team he used to own.

What about the Marlins fans? Do they care? Their attendance sucked for the first part of the year. They’re fairweather fans, they don’t deserve a championship.

Fuck Miami. Fuck the Marlins. Fuck South Florida. This is bullshit.

[sub]It should have been the Cubs.[/sub]

No sour grapes here, right?

Hey, I wanted the Phillies, but I’m not bitter.

I still subscribe to the theory that the best team won, whether based on skill, luck, or darn good financing and recruiting. If the Yankees pulled it off, bully for them…

…but personally, I’m glad to see their dynasty take a hit. :stuck_out_tongue:


heh heh heh

All of them? At once? :wink:

Go Marlins!


They won’t need anyone’s help getting laid, methinks.

Funny how Zimmer is bolting since Steinbrenner is such a prick. Not retiring, but just not going to be with the Yankees next year. Huh. Go figure.

Actually, considering how quickly the team was dimantled, it was more like they rented their way to the 1997 World Series.

As for this year, I’m still disappointed that the Cubs and/or Red Sox didn’t make it in. It would’ve made a more memorable World Series. Nonetheless, I’m somewhat pleased the Marlins won for the sole reason that THEY ARE NOT THE YANKEES!

I’m so happy the Yankees lost and the Yankers won!

[sub]What? Marlins? Oops![/sub]

Oh…there’s always trouble in Yankee-land.


Give me a fucking break. Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you Zimmer.

Have you ever seen a team that has more of an unfair advantage over all the other teams in their league have more problems?

Torre doesn’t feel respected by Steinbrener. Steinbrenner questions Jeter’s desire. Zimmer doesn’t feel treated like a human being…boo hoo…CRY SOME MORE YOU FUCKING BABIES!!!

But don’t worry Yankee fans…your pitching sucks…no problem…we will sign twice as many FA pitchers that we need and trade the leftovers for more Kleenex because OUR FUCKING TEAM CRIES MORE THAN MY 18 MONTH OLD SON!

Not enough hitting? Not a worry. We’ll just sign every free agent from both all-star teams…why not? Our infield payroll was more than the entire payroll for payroll for 1/3 of the MLB teams.



Any day the fucking Yankees lose is a good baseball day.

Any World Series the fucking Yankees lose is a great World Series.

Now…of course there is no baseball justice in the world when the goddam Marlins win it instead of the fucking Yankees.

I’m with Dignan…I’d like to take that first Marlin WS trophy and shove it up Huizenga’s ass…2 WS in 11 years…that’s total bullshit…but at least they didn’t BUY THIS ONE like Steinbrenner has bought all of his.

Yes, the opportunity to celebrate the triumph of capitalism is why people become baseball fans. Why, just the other day I bought a Halliburton T-shirt.

The Marlins are a fine team. They deserve their championship.

Congratulations to them and their fans.

Zimmer cares only about Zimmer. Zimmer’s name in headlines. Zimmer’s face on TV. Zimmer’s about Zimmer. That’s all. He’s a monumental prick, and damn it if he doesn’t do the same piece of crap stunts every year. I’m sure the Yankees will get over losing their mascot, assuming he’s not just posturing.

IMHO, Zimmer belongs in a lower level of hell than even the Yankees in general. And I despise the Yankees like I despise no other team, other than perhaps Notre Dame football.

"The Marlins are a fine team. They deserve their championship.

Nuff said.

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In all honesty I don’t really have a problem with the players on the Marlins. Josh Beckett showed that he is money throughout the entire playoffs and World Series. Jack McKeon seems like a good guy. The fairweather fans in Florida don’t deserve it. They couldn’t even sell out a game before Dontrellemania.

The person I have a problem with is Jeffrey Loria. That guy is a slimeball at best on the level some people think of Steinbrenner is on, at worst the perfect example of everything that is wrong with baseball. Good for the Marlins for going out and winning with the team and manager they did, because Loria sure as hell isn’t going to do what it takes to build a winning team. He caught lightning in a bottle and all he cares about is the extra revenue from additional games. I can’t imagine he will be willing to shell out the money when Dontrelle or Beckett need to be re-signed.
[sub]and the fact that it shoulda been the Cubs.[/sub]

Another erstwhile Phils fan checking in, and asking what the fuck is the OP talking about? With a different owner, a different manager and a different team, of what relevance is 1997? Who cares if the Marlin’s current owner is a slimeball, most of the owners, IMO, are slimeballs, but for fuck’s sake, Steinbrenner has got to be the most loathsome character in all of baseball. McKeon comes off as a nice guy, and his team seems a reasonably likable group. And frankly, they deserve the title because they played well and mostly, they played smart, both during the season and throughout the playoffs.

Fuck the Yankees, I say. For people playing and watching a stupid game, the Yankees and their fans seem to have less fun than just about anyone.

Well, I’m glad the Yankees lost -something about them strikes me as ** WRONG ** and not wrong in the good eldritchy way either. I would have really preffered a Cubs/Red Sox series - one of the signs of my awakening.

Yes, fans in South Florida suck. That’s a given. But you have to give it up for the Marlin players. What a great bunch of guys who were not fazed by ANYTHING. Not by being down 3-1 in the NCLS with everybody in the nation cheering on the Cubs. Not playing a WS against the Yankees. Josh Beckett, 23 years old, goes out and pitches a complete game shutout in Yankee Stadium to win the World Series. Give it up for him. And they play real baseball, not this “let’s see how many home runs we can hit” most teams seem to play these days. They move runners over, they use their speed, they use strategy, and they play like a team. That, my friends, is what baseball is all about.

As a Tribe fan, I’m still a little bitter about the '97 Marlins “rent-a-team”. That said, I wouldn’t root for the Yankees if they were playing against the minions of Satan. Any time the Yankmees and their $175 million payroll (or whatever it is) lose, it is a good day for me.


How do you think Jeff Torborg is feeling tonight?

Just askin’, is all…
Congrats Marlins and whatever fans snagged the good seats early on the bandwagon :)…

They did to the Yankees what the Yankees used to do to their opponents… Played the NL style, running through the base, aggressive… Phenomenal pitching by Beckett… The Fish knew they weren’t supposed to be there, and didn’t give a shit either way.

This was a Yankee team that looked like the old guys were too old, and the young guys were too young. I look forward to the shitstorm that is gonna rain down on both Deathstars in Tampa and NYC. Too fucking bad, Yankees. You know what? I guess you really do suck, after all…

The Yankees never should have made it to the World Series… but then again, I guess the Sox never should have made it past Chokeland…

So… whatever. Congrats to the Marlins players! Oh, and Jeffrey Luria?

“See you in court, sonny!”


I was surpised by the Marlins success, but I’ve been wayching for a while. There’s a LOT of talent on that team. They play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Kinda like the Angels last year, they’re scrappers who fight to the last out.

It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep that team together.

I just thought it was funny to go to work tonight at my bar and watch all these people who aren’t Marlins fans screaming like cheerleaders at a pep rally because somebody beat the Yanks.

Seriously. Everybody at the bar was screaming when the Marlins won…and only ONE of them, when asked, said they were Marlins fans.

“Fuck the Yankees!” were the magic words today.

Hell, I don’t even watch baseball and I said it. Just for fun. You should try it, too, Dignan. It rolls off the tongue beautifully.