The Marlins actually won


Josh Beckett comes out on 3-days rest and pitches a 5-hit complete-game shutout.

Who would’ve predicted a loss by the evil empire? How about Beckett? How about Pudge? How about the Yankees rolling over to the lowly fish?

I can only say one thing:


And could the Yankees have looked any more lackluster tonight? Makes me very happy that they went out looking like that. Beckett pitched a hell of a game. I’ll echo jesleigh’s :smiley:

The Cubs and BoSox haven’t won since before Jack McKeon was born and yet the Marlins have won the Series twice in 11 years. Never sad to see those damn Yankees lose and Beckett really stepped up tonight. Awesome.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This will shut my roommate up now. All week she has been dancing about, talking about how she was going to have a party when the Yankees win.

As a Royals fan, I bid a hearty congratulations to the guy who, in his first managerial stint that began thirty years ago, helped bring a lowly expansion team its first glimmerings of credibility.

Jack, great job on those Marlins. Enjoy your winter.

The Marlins have had two winning seasons since their creation. Two damned good winning seasons.

Whoohoo! I love it when the underdog wins.
Now let’s get on with basketball season, for the love of God. The Mavs first game is in 3 days! And how 'bout them Cowboys.
Ooops, sorry - awesome series, Marlins!

As a Red Sox fan and Yankee hater, let me say that the Marlins, and Jack McKeon, represent everything that is wrong with baseball.

Flymaster, do explain. Wouldn’t it be the Yankees that represent everything wrong with baseball?

Funny, the people at the beginning of the season who said only a quarter of the league has any chance of winning it and 20 teams have no chance blah blah blah aren’t talking much anymore.

How 'bout those Fish! Sure, nobody deserves it less than Jeffrey Loria, but nobody deserves it more than Jack McKeon. Jack McKeon is everything that is RIGHT about baseball.

I think he’s saying that even thought he hates the Yankees, he hates that a franchise that isn’t even old enough to drive has won two World Championships, but more importantly that for the second year in a row a damn wild card team has won it all. Crikey. And if you want to go even further, my late grandfather always thought it was an abomination to the game that Florida even had a Major League team. He (a late-life Florida resident) thought the only Major League baseball that should be played in Florida should be spring training.

There are probably more things behind Howie’s mini-rant, but that’s my take on it.

At least this Marlins team wasn’t purchased greasy-spoon-cafeteria-style. Frankly, though, I was hoping monkeys were going to fly out of my butt and cause both teams to lose.


First off, yes, normally they would. But they didn’t just win the World Series. Believe me, I hate the Yankees as much as anyone, but at least they have history.

The Marlins problems start off with their owner: One Mr. Jeffrey Loria. I don’t think I have to even go into the way that he has screwed over the city of Montreal for the almighty dollar, stealing the entire Expos front office in the process, and leaving behind a team in total financial ruin.

They extend to the fans. The fans who have stayed away in droves, only to hop onto a teal and black bandwagon as it went streaking by in the Miami heat. This is a team that drew 813,000 fans last year. They drew about 180,000 in their THREE world series games. THREE. The city does not deserve a team, let alone a World championship. At least the Yankees, while having quite a sizable bandwagon, have a bandwagon that keeps people onboard for years at a time.

And then there is Jack McKeon. Jack ''A 16-run lead, is their pitching that bad? I mean, come on. Don’t rub it in. They have to examine their own conscience. " McKeon.

When you have a team that is capable of winning the world series, Jack, teams are going to keep scoring runs to be sure you don’t make a comeback. Perhaps you’ll recall that after your little bitchfest (which was unwarranted, btw. There was only one play that was even close to rubbing it in. Your guys just sucked that night), you came back from a 7 run defecit in the top of the 8th inning, all because Grady bleeping Little decided that he shouldn’t rub it in. Well, Jack, if you don’t want teams “rubbing it in”, you should give up in the 8th inning. But no, you’re a whining little wuss who can’t take losing, despite your hundreds of thousands of dollar paycheck, and your players’ millions. Be a man, Jack, and admit it when you suck. Your team sucked that night, and they got beat. The next night, they didn’t suck so bad, but if you hadn’t whined about “rubbing it in” and the “unwritten rules”, you still would have lost.

Grr. The Marlins make me mad.

It’s good that the Marlins make somebody mad!

Well, to be fair, if the Red Sox (the team you say you are a fan of) sold EVERY one of its stars and most of its starting lineup and rotation and put on basically a glorified AAA team out there would you go see games? This was the first year since the fire sale that the Marlins actually brought in players and tried to go for it.

Marlins’ attendance is low because there is a plenitude of other appealing outdoor activity choices in South Florida. They do have nice beaches, y’know.

I really don’t like the Marlins, I’m not sure why…maybe it’s the colours of their jerseys, who knows. I am, however, a huge Pudge fan so I’m really glad he won one even if he had to take the Marlins win one.

I like the Yankees even less than the Marlins so their losing is another benefit I guess.

crud, switch Marlins win one to Marlins with him