Yankees suck

In fact, they seem to have swallowed the OP.

the OP from its rightful place.

Well that ends the baseball season for most people. Who cares if the Yankees are in the series. Who wants to go to that rat infested town full of arrogant self-centered idiots. I do like the junked parked cars painted up with graffiti though, it gives the place some class.

Note: I was going for Boston.

Those who still like baseball for the game. Although, I must say that this series is likely to be quite the snoozer.

How ironic of you.

I suppose it does, if you like junked, parked cars painted with graffiti.
At least it was a clean loss (from where I am).

We figured that out around 1864.

As a disappointed Red Sox fan who just finished watching the game, heart-breaking though it was, it was exciting, well-played by both sides, and the New York fans were gracious hosts.

Good game.

The Yankees have destroyed the game of baseball. There’s no reason to watch the World Series now.

Yup. There were no fights this time.

why? because they won?

Because the Evil Empire is playing a glorified expansion team whose “fans” can’t be bothered to come out to the ballpark unless their team is in the playoffs.

Because the baseball gods have fucked the Cubs and Red Sox over one more time, just because they can.

Because this is the World Series no person with a soul wants to see.

Because I’m tired of having to root for the lesser of two evils (i.e., who ever’s playing the Yankees).

Fuck the Marlins, fuck the Yankees, and fuck baseball. I don’t want any part of this shit.

Well, to be fair, that’s been the case ever since the Dodgers were sold to the Anti-Christ.

I understand he’s unloading them now. But it won’t be the same. It’s like they’ve been tainted, somehow.

No. Because they always win. They’ve gotten to the World Series most of the last decade.

I have no problem with dynasties, but when you have one freaking team winning all of the time, something is obviously wrong with the system. At least in basketball and football, dynasties are cyclical.

Who could root for the Yankees, other than their fans? They just try to buy titles - although at least they make a good evil opponent if you like the other team. And at least the Yankees have real fans.

The Marlins have almost no real fans, and they have already gotten one undeserved world series title in their short history.

I can’t think of a less interesting world series, choosing any other two teams in baseball.

Don’t forget water polo!

But it’s been a couple years since they won it.

OK, I’m gonna have to shout this:


Far from it. they were taken into extra innings in Game 7 by a Red Sox team that had more holes than swiss cheese and was, you gotta admit, badly managed. The Marlins are a far superior defensive team (granted, their starting pitching is suspect), their hitters have performed better in the post-season, they got a lot more heart, and most importantly, they believe they can win.

It’s gonna be a good series.

Because it sucks that one franchise has the ability to constantly buy up all the best talent in MLB and win year after year. There’s nothing wrong with a dynasty but dynasties should grow organically they shouldn’t just be constructed of high salaried ringers looted from other clubs. It’s disheartening. The Yankees already lost a WS to one expansion team a couple of years ago. I don’t see lightning striking twice.

Alright you bastard Yankees-bashers. Don’t bitch because a team continues to succeed.

It isn’t all money.

It isn’t all luck.

It isn’t all the talent of the year.

It isn’t all management, though I nod with respect to Mr. Torre, et. al.

IMHO, it’s the Yankee Spirit that says, I won’t give up until the last pitch, the last swing, the last stolen base, the last extra inning which makes them a special ballclub.

I’ve seen late inning games where the Yanks overcame adversity and won. Why hate a team for achieving time and again what we inspire our sons and daughters to do? What is more American than the men in pinstripes climbing out of a hole and kicking some butt?

That, and I can remember as a little kid, my Grammie hollering her head off rooting for the Yankees in the early sixties. My older brother tells me that my long departed Grammie is proud of me. :smiley:

Yes, well, that’s what happens when the team gets dismantled at the height of fan interest.

Undeserved? You mean the players never actually played their asses off to get there? What, did they buy the ring or something? :rolleyes:

Y’know what? Fuck the Yankees. I like things simple. Fuck the Yankees in their bloated, monopolistic asses. Maybe Giambi will choke to death on that extra 40 mil.


Fuck the Yankees. And fuck all you idiots who try to rationalize this Yankee win. It’s not a rational thing. It’s gutteral and deeply emotional and comes from a place that all Yankee fans NEED to know. Take that cheery shit over to MPSIMS.

This is the Fucking PIT and Fuck the fucking Yankees.