Damn Yankees... GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!

oh well.

time for a new thread.

evil, evil Yankees.

And the damn Indians are having yet another title-less dynasty…

at least the Diamondbacks have never been there… maybe they’ll do something…

damn Yankees.

I understand the Yankee resentment. As a Knick fan, I too felt dread and dispair everytime the Bulls came to town. So, I hated the Bulls. Still, I had respect for them. They were a good team. They were the best team. For that I hated them.

What I don’t understand about a lot of Yankee bashers is the need to make excuses. The Yankees aren’t a good team, they’re a bought team. The players are nasty and arrogant. The fans are rowdy and evil.

The Yankees get good players. All the other teams try to do this. If other teams has deep pockets, they will pay to try to get good players. The Yankees have a great farm system. A lot of the players we pay big money to came from our very own system.

The Yankees as a whole are a fine and upstanding bunch of guys. Clemens is a dick I’ll grant you, but for the most part the rest are decent, hard working players.

New York sports fans are well informed and well behaved. We don’t have riots. We don’t throw things. We fill the stadium day after day and year after year. We have a good time, usually we have a good time watching the Yanks win. Then we go home nice and orderly like.

You can hate the Yanks because they win all the time and rejoice if they don’t win the series this year, but win or lose, the Yankees are a great team no matter what the bashers say.

exactly… I’d like to see them not win. I’m rather tired of them winning. I’d really like to see someone else win it. And, again, as I am married to a die-hard Indians fan, it’d have been nice had the Indians won against the Mariners. This did not happen.

Likewise, it’d have been nice had the A’s beat the Yanks… alas, this, too did not come to pass.

Now, I find myself looking for yet another team, and this time, I’d like to see the Mariners stick it to the Yanks, and then the Diamondbacks stick it to the Mariners. Go Curt Schilling…

Just let me have this one blind unreasonable hatred in my life. I just want to hate the New York Yankees and see the field of Yankee Stadium dug up an sown with salt.

I don’t hate people because of their religion, ethnicity, or any other antisocial reason.

I just really hate the New York Yankees.

However, I hate the D-Backs a lot, mainly because they’ve got an asshole manager in Brenly and the incredibly self-righteous Curt Schilling.

Who argues that the Yankees aren’t good? They’re a good team. A good, bought team, but a good team nonetheless.

Aren’t all teams bought? I hate the Yanks as much as any man alive. But ya gotta admit, they spend their money wisely.

tsk, tsk – MFS, I was with you on the Spankee thread.

But now me and you gots problems.

Go Braves!, Go M’s!

I am forbidden by ancient sacred edict from ever wishing well upon the Braves.

I have no problems with the Mariners, other than the fact they them beating the Indians has made my wife saddened and frustrated (which, when she is already pregnant, makes it even more fun for me… [sub]not[/sub]).

I agree those Yankees have to go down! Go M’s.

I love baseball. I go beyond fan to fanatic and gladly accept that. Mr. Steinbrenner has bookoo bucks and can buy the best players, good for him, good for baseball a few years, bad for baseball year after year. With the strikes/lockouts, baseball’s policy for “punishing” players who commit crimes, and the growing public outrage of the exorbitant salaries, baseball has shot itself in the foot over and over. Fans have left.

I believe a Yankees-Braves world series will be one more straw on the camels back towards the downfall of baseball. It will only be interesting to Yankees and Braves fans. What about the rest of the country, well it will be another big yawn.

While a Mariner’s world series will have international appeal since they are one of the most diverse organizations in MLB. And with that diversity, baseball can use that to boost the fan base. Especially since there is talk of labor problems again and a possible strike/lockout in the imminent future.
Baseball needs this world series to boost the fan base

(hey everyone, notice how many analygies I was able to put into the above, I should be a sports announcer)

bottom of the 8th, 'Zona up 2-0 over the Braves…


alright… its off a running, and AZ has a head start. Let’s see if the Mariner’s can’t stifle those evil, dastardly Yanks today…

bottom of the the 8th, Braves open a 12pack of stomp-ass on the 'Zona “pitchers”. Glavine looked to be in classic form, and the bats are awake!

Once you get beyond Shrilling and the 7FootToxicMutantMullet, these Dbacks ain’t so scary at all.

Bring it on back to the ATL! :smiley: :cool:

I wasn’t sure if I loved you before, but I am now.

I love you.

[sub]8-1, baby! 8 to fucking ONE![/sub]

Hmph. Braves. Ha! “America’s Team” my white butt! Why? Because they’ve played in every city in America?

Yankees. Ha! If there was anything about the Oakland/New York series that annoyed me (other than the fact that only the Yankees are considered to have fans - why was every single Indians/Ms game played during the day? Made it difficult for those of us who WORK for a living…) it was during Game 1 when some announcer said “I think the events of September 11th have made every person in this country a little bit a Yankees fan.” Hardly. I was in NYC and evacuated from the Amex building, but I still HATE the Yankees!

Yankee hating is a fine tradition that I am proud to be able to carry on.

MFS - As a transplanted Clevelander who now lives in Phoenix, I think you and I have something in common!

In the interest of full disclosure, let me start out by saying I’m not a sports fan. I enjoy atching a baseball or basketball game a couple of times a year, but that’s it.

Still, as someone who lives in Phoenix and who does sometimes like to catch a game, you’d probably think I’d be pulling for the D-backs. You’d be wrong.

Ever since the deal was made to bring an expansion team here if we built them a stadium, and the polls said there was no way a stadium would pass a referendum, and the county commissioners ordered it built without a referendum, and declared it a separate governmental entity so that a referendum couldn’t be put together to stop it from being built, I’d have to list myself as anti-Diamondbacks.

I hope they get crushed, humiliated and destroyed by whatever team they’re up against. I know my lack of support can’t unbuild the stadium, can’t get my sales tax money back and can’t make Jerry and the gang go to jail or otherwise get out of town, but it makes me feel better to hate them and wish every imaginable ill upon them. So I will.

Sorry dickheads. Looks like 4 in a row! :cool:

2-1 lead over the Braves with a 5-1 win!

Schilling… evil.

p.s. - lose, Yankee’s, lose. [sub]although Pinella’s post-game comments the other day were a wee-bit, umm… psycho[/sub]

14-3 Seattle. Ouch.

Leave it to Torre, though, to lose big with style. How funny was it when he cleared the bench, and basically replaced the entire team?

Hey, Bobby Cox, could you fucking learn to make a pitching change BEFORE it’s fucking 6 to 2? Please? You might, you know, make it back to the World Series (and lose again, of course, but whatever) if you can figure out that, unlike golf, the other guy getting a higher number than you is NOT a good thing.

My junior year in high school, we got a transfer student from the midwest. Tall, well developed, stunningly gorgeous, sharp as a tack, down-to-earth and drove a Mustang.

And all some of the other lesser girls could do was sneer and ask “You don’t think she’s attractive do you?” They’d accentuate flaws that didn’t exist. They’d whine about how if they had a nice rack, they’d be popular too. Every outfit would be critiqued. Girls who previously hated each other suddenly formed unholy and barely pubescent alliances against this beautiful creature. The sad thing was that this sniping only added to the mystique and the myth of this gossamer beauty.

So don’t strain yourselves looking for reasons to hate a great and affable team. Just try to console yourselves that your team, despite its paltry tradition, may one day be good enough to win a World Series.

Girl, you’ll be a woman… soon.