Gonna get drunk, right about.... now.

it’s Sunday and I plan to put off any drinking until after noon.

because I’m good like that. smug

Rum goes exceedingly well with fruit juices of all kinds. I can’t recall if I’ve had it with margarita mix, but I like the way you’re thinking…

I’m gonna mess it up, but I liked the “last poster” and thread title combo - “Gonna get drunk, right about…now” and WhyNot. :smiley:

Any juice or powdered drink mix along with ice in a blender.

Bonus points if whatever color the drink turns out to be makes you say. “Oh…! Pretty!”

Oh Jesus Christ…

Squeeze in some lime and ice, and if you must, maybe some simple syrup.

Hey, now! Just because I like fruity drinks doesn’t mean I can’t take it straight. Straight tequila is my favorite, though, and I don’t have any tequila.

If you don’t have any Coke, you probably also are out of ginger ale, but rum & ginger (over ice, maybe a twist of lime) is the World’s Finest Cocktail, at least as far as drinks mixed with carbonated soft-drinks go.

(Try Vernors or Reed’s ginger ale/brew for optimum results, but Canada Dry is also perfectly fine)

Herra Dura, sipped neat. Mmmm. I don’t have any either, but since me and a friend put away a whole bottle between us the other day, I guess I don’t need any today.

Yup, you can’t go wrong with a Boston Coolah!

My liver fell off!

Damn I’m jealous. Haven’t even had a sip of whiskey for two or three weeks and it’s a nice day and four fine examples of West-coast breasts in the pool. Now I’m getting too excited, not helped by finding Grados in my shoulder bag to listen to real up-tempo chicken pickin by Danny Gatton.

Summer drinking! Some are home, some are not! Do it! Get to the chopper! Run! Drink for the temporarily indigent! Drink out of a bag and into it.

A customer in a local liquor store chain asked me if anything went with rum besides coke. I offered ginger ale (Canada Dry probably, gotta go to specialty places for Vernor’s). He acted like I had two heads. His loss. I don’t really like rum and coke too much, too saccharine. A Cuba Libre is somehow better, rum+coke+a little lime juice.

I warned you about that!

It’s cool.

I hot glued it back on.