good alternative to fotostation

can anyone reccomend a good (preferably free but doesnt have to be) alternative to fotostation for browsing my image archives? my 30 days trial with fotostation is over but before paying for it i was interested in seeing if anyone could reccomend something better?

How bout ACDSee? Everyone I know that has this loves it.

I`ve got several copies of it laying around the house. It came bundled with a couple of things I have purchased over the years.

I don`t have the latest version ($49.99 -v. 6.0) however the older versions I have do everything that I need.

See if someone you know has a some bundled software that you can try out with ACDSee on it. Or go to the Web Site and download the trial version. Not sure how long the trial period is.

I have a version of Fotostation and also Nikon View (only because they were bundled with my dig it all camera.) Fotostation seems enough for my needs. Can you give me a few hints why ACDSee is so good, or why I might be interested in it?

I tried looking on the ACDSee website but for some reason it was taking forever and some to load.

ACDSee is very easy to use, is a very small app, and you can use key board short-cuts such as;

  • key is for enlarging the file
  • key is for downsizing the file
    Page Up/Page Down key is to view the next photo
    You can move the zoomed in image with the arrow keys or the mouse curser.
    Lots of cool tools to manipulate photos.
    Its a non-b.s. app that is just real easy to use. And its fast.
    It`s way better than the default stuff you get with Windows and even most of the off the shelf software that is on my computer.
    The site did seem to be slow when I went there too. Try it later at night. I downloaded the trial version of 6.0 in about 15 seconds when it finally came up though.