Good (and Bad) Straight To Video (or DVD) movies

Every time I go to the video store, I see lots of movies that I’ve never heard of before, but which seem to be promising. Many aren’t, but I’ve had some pleasant surprises. Do ya’ll have any that you’ve grabbed on the spur of the moment and gotten more than you expected? Or some that made you writhe in agony?

The Good
Subteranno The description sounds bad, but it’s amusing and well done, thought I.

Killer Rats Yes, it’s about giant killer rats. It’s still entertaining.

The Bad

Shark Attack III: I’d say there’s no reason to watch this, but I’d be wrong. The pick-up line the hero uses is a jaw dropper. The movie sucks before and after that point.

Christina’s House Disturbing movie, with hints of incest and creepily gratuitously skimpy clothing on the heroine. An interesting motivation for the villian, though.

I don’t remember ever seeing * 100 Girls * in the theaters, so I’m assuming it was straight to video. Cinemax has been running it recently, and I think it’s a very amusing, well-written movie, heavy on clever dialogue, and well acted with a dorky-cute male lead.

I once went to rent “Point Blank,” with Lee Marvin which I heard was a very good film (by John Boorman, I think.)

Instead I came home with a STV Mickey Rourke movie.

I tried really hard to give it a fair viewing. It was “Die Hard in a Shopping Mall.” The best I can say is Danny Trejo had a great exit line.

Dave Foley’s The Wrong Guy never got a theatrical release in the US. It’s very funny, especially if you’ve always liked his work on The Kids in the Hall

Do made-for-cable movies on HBO count? I have Doomsday Gun on laserdisc.

Electra with Shannon Tweed. It’s cheese, but it’s GOOOD cheese.

THE BOONDOCK SAINTS was good. Strange, but good.

Sammyville. Pretty low budget but not at all bad.

Recent (1999) - Deterrence
From the 80’s - Fandango
Both are good, especially Deterrence.

Lissa, I must respectfully disagree. I consider 100 Girls to be a horrible movie. I’ll admit that the main character was endearing, but, gosh… the movie was so bad on so many levels. It seemed like they took several 20 minute plots and wove them together randomly.

And if made for HBO counts, 61*, about the Home Run race between Mantle and Marris, was excellent.

To each his own, I suppose. I disliked ** 61*** so perhaps our taste in movies is different.

I’m big on dialogue-driven films like ** Clerks, ** and I thought that the dialogue in ** 100 Girls ** was what made it entertaining.