Good artist -- Jazz

Okay, Mindless and Pointless fer sure, but I had to share for my fellow jazz lovers.

I have this video produced by the major PBS station in Denver called “Colorado Landscapes” Not only do I love the scenery, but the music is awesome.

This poor tape is on it’s last legs, the “Hi-Fi” sound aka stereo is atrocious at best. I have to listen to it in mono now :frowning:

Anyhow, the artist that wrote the “score” for this video won a Grammy (?) for the original score on this video, his name is Bryan Savage.

If you like soft Jazz, check him out. You can play a sampling off his 1998 CD called Soul Temptation at:

The first two samplings give a better view of the music that’s on the video.

Hope you like it, his use of the sax and flute are so well done, along with the guitar, I am true fan now that I was able to find his music. (Thank God for the internet!)

Any others like soft jazz? Any artists you dig?

I don’t know, I love jazz of the Chet Baker/ Ella Fitzgerald/Charlie Parker variety, but whenever I hear this light jazz stuff…the first minute or so I like it. Then I begin to get strangely disoriented - where’s the porn? What “Bowm schicka bowm bowm” is to hard core, soft jazz is to soft-core, Skin-a-max porn.


The cool thing is, he doesn’t get off track with his music, for the most part. I have heard a lot of “soft jazz” that seems to be disjointed and you can’t tell where they are going, but somehow this guy has a better grasp on it.

There are no lyrics, so when you just want to kick back and enjoy music that is kinda funky, but not overly done, he’s your man.

Here are my favorite bands/artists that I enjoy listening to on a mellow night at home:

Steely Dan
Micheal Hedges
George Winston
Liz Story

But I would like to get more “soft jazz” any artists in this arena, no lyrics though, there are times when lyrics get in the way of good music :slight_smile:

BTW, his style is not Kenny G who is good, but not the style I prefer…

Being more of a big band afficianado, I prefer the Charlie Parker/Count Basie sound.

Also the recordings the Marsalis Bros. made with the Grateful Dead (most notably Eyes of the World on the Dead’s Without A Net concert CD) are awesome.

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Well, then maybe I will try and find a longer bit than the little blurb they give out on the amazon site…


His music is a combo of sultry, funk and well, it feels good. It’s, like I said, not disjointed.

If you can, check out the CD at a local music store. There are some out there that let you listen before you buy.

Heck, music is a very personal experience for everyone, I know too well. I like all kinds of music.

Some laugh because I like; Country, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, New Age, Soft Jazz, Classical and some Pop…but hey why restrict yourself to one particular type of music. Each type serves a different mood for me :slight_smile: The one thing I don’t like is Rap…no no no, not in my house or car, you will be pummeled with my fists.

< grin >

Here is a link to a clip of his music. Sounds good. They call it etherean music, there are other artists there too…

<center>Bryan Savage</center>

Here he is in realaudio and video.You need realplayer to view this…

<center>Bryan Savage live</center>

Looking for more…

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did the center tags do that?

If you can’t convince them, confuse them.
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Thanks for the links…the first one didn’t seem to show his style very well, the second (from Cat Food) is definately more of what I expect.

Wish I could find a bio on the guy. I like to know more about the people that are playing the music I listen to.