Good backpack for a laptop?

I’m looking for a good backpack for a laptop, it has a 16 inch screen.

I don’t care much about what it looks like as long as it works well and is not too heavy.

Try online sites like and read the user reviews. There’s a huge variety of em.

If you’re doing a lot of air travel, I’d recommend the TSA-approved ones that you just split open and shove through the conveyor belt. It’s saved me quite a bit of time and effort going through security at the airport.

I have read reviews on , I most likely will buy from REI since I have a gift card from there. I will check out newegg too.

I don’t do much air travel and when I do I rarely use my laptop.

Crumpler do great bags for laptops and cameras, which don’t scream ‘valuables’. But may be a little more casual, depends on what you are looking for.

Edited as the US site doesn’t seem to be working - but they are sold in the US - REI is one of the stores listed.

I have a Jansport that came with an integrated padded laptop sleeve. Bought at REI in '07 for around $80.

Pacsafemakes very cool bags for keeping your stuff safe when you’re out & about.