Good case management software

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Does anyone know of any good case management software for a legal practice?

A family friend wants to update their practice, and they are so old-fashioned that I don’t know where to start.

Call the FBI and ask if you can “borrow” Sentinel. For a paltry $500 million dollars, I’m sure they’d gladly oblige. :slight_smile:

Seriously, case management systems are tricky. Especially in organizations/companies/etc that are used to running things the old-school way. Often, the easiest transition is to simply use shared network folders (identified by case number, client name, or however the folks in the office want to do it). It’s not the most technically efficient, but requires no expense/minimal expense and minimal retraining. The more you automate, the more complicated things become from an “idiot user” perspective (not intended to be insulting - it’s just that users don’t generally think of what’s going on beyond their keyboard and monitor).

With something like a legal practice, there are usually a lot of variables (civil/criminal, state/Federal/local jurisdictions with varying laws, etc.). There are always outlying variables that don’t fit into the form-field concept.

I worked in a law office that used something called TrialWorks. It’s not like I have tons of points of comparison about what’s available, (my current office uses proprietary software), but I didn’t have any complaints.

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