Good Consumer Architectural Programs? (preferrably free ones)

I have one, but its very old, circa '96, and it sucks.
I’d like to explore and share some design ideas for houses and such.
What’re some good choices? I’d prefer free ones, but’d be willing to pay a bit for something nice.


A just checking bump.

Figured I just check again

You looking to design your own place, or just something that you can drag clip-art curtains around the room?

I can’t recomend a specific program at this time, but you might want to try here. When I get home, I’ll check my home PC and see if I can find the programs I’ve used and liked.

Peace - DESK

I’m wanting to design buildings. A ous or two of course, but some out buildings as well. I’ve no architectural/drafting background.

Not free, but I always liked Punch! Pro from Punch Software.

Too bad there’s nothing like it for my Macs :(. It’s the one thing I must use a PC for. (Yeah, I have access to VectorWorks, but for houses, it’s overkill and needlessly complicated).

I didn’t see anything that was really what i was after.
Thank you

This looks promising.
I’ve down loaded a trial version.
I’ll report back soon.

I can second the Punch software - it’s pretty good stuff, and the professional versions do a lot of the rafter/floor/truss engineering for you, too, which is a big help.