Good Freeware or Very Cheap Program for Stats & Graphs ?


I have a favorite stats package: Minitab, but it costs something like $1,000. I don’t have Excel; however, I find that it really is a hassle for data manipulation & statistics. (Plus, I don’t have the money for it anyway.) I got OpenOffice, but it’s spreadsheet is not very good, IMO. Excel does treat me well when it comes to creating graphs & stuff. Minitab is pretty easy, but the graphs don’t give such good options, IMO, and OpenOffice just sucks: after an hour of frustration, I could’t even create a graph, let alone one I like.

Does anybody know of a cheap, or preferably freeware, stats package that is super-easy to use, like Minitab; reasonably powerful (not necessarily as powerful as Minitab); and has an easy-to-use, crisp, functional, and attractive graphics component? If so, will you please point me in the correct direction?


There are a couple here that claim to be “Excel clones”. Not clear if they have the power to do the level of stuff you need to.

google “R for Windows” for a GNU package called ‘R’ that has a ton of the functionality of S+.

Looks like a couple leads turn up if you google GNU minitab, but I’m sure if they’re what you’re looking for.

Anyway, R is a powerful, free piece of software. I don’t know Minitab. . .like if it’s user friendly or anything. ‘R’ isn’t necessarily easy, but if you’ve used S+, it is.

You might try

I used it for a class and it was free to me.

I’ll second R. It’s not necessarily simple, but it’s quite powerful.

There are books available to help you through the learning curve, as well as on-line user’s groups.

FWIW, I’m an epidemiologist, which means that I count as a statistician to everyone but a statistician.

Minitab does a student license for $99 or something. Might be worth registering for a fun class just for the licenses.

Hey! Thanks!