Good "Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal?"

Does anyone know of a “frosted mini wheats” fortified cereal that’s made without high-fructose corn syrup but that still gets you your 90% RDV of iron?

Maybe the Trader Joe’s version. They come in Vanilla, Maple/Brown Sugar and.,… crap, something else. I’m not 100% sure they don’t contain HFCS, you’de have to check the label.

Malt-o-meal frosted mini spooners. They use sugar, not HFCS, have 90% RDV iron, and I can personally attest to at least the strawberry ones being super-delicious.

Ditch the frosting. My spoon-sized shredded wheats (store brand) have as their ingredient list ‘wheat.’ That’s it. And they are boring as all hell, but they agree with my carb targets.

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I remember back in the day, the iron content of most cereals was iron filings that you could see by running a magnet over the contents. Is that still true?

I remember doing this in high school chemistry (separating out the iron by boiling the cereal to mush and using a magnetic stirrer). However, we were taught that the total amount of iron in the cereal would not be nutritious, ingesting it would lead to some amount being taken up by the body.

I recently tried Kashi Island Vanilla cereal and it’s delicious and has no HFCS. Sadly, however, it is not fortified with iron, so it doesn’t meet that criterion.

This is what I was going to mention. I was suprised that HFCS was being used in any version. It’s frosted: that means powdered sucrose.

Yep. Just get the plain, and if you must sprinkle some sugar, you’re likely to use a lot less. Personally, I loves me some frozen blueberries on my breakfast cereal, they thaw out almost instantly when the milk hits them.