Good games in the Lovecraft Mythos?

I remember Alone in the Dark, which was a badass game, and took place in the Lovecraft mythos. (I also heard that the rest of the series was excreable.) Are there any other good games set in that universe?

If not, I’m thinking that a well-done Undying-type game, but with you having less weaponry against the hordes of the Great Old Ones would be a cool game.

While not necessarily in the Lovecraft universe, Eternal Darkness for GameCube is definitely in the spirit of Lovecraft. Depending on your choice at the beginning of the game, one of four ancient evil gods is gaining power to overtake Earth. It’s a beautiful, fun game and worth playing 4 times to see the differences in each of the gods.

There was an adventure game, Prisoner of Ice, that was supposed to use the Mythos, but I never got far enough into it to find out if it was true. Not much of a game, really.

There was also a great adventure/RPG called The Legacy, that while not actually using the Mythos, had a great HPL “feel” to it.


Try the book Nameless Cults by Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan The Barbarian. He and Lovecraft were great friends in the 20s-30s, & Lovecraft invited him into the “club” of writers who had his OK to write “in canon” on Cthulu & his ilk.

There was an Infocom text adventure that was VERY Lovecraftian - you were student snowed in at an old college with labyrinths of tunnels beneath, there were unnameable beasties, deranged professors, etc. Very fun, got it in a collection of 20 Infocom games several years ago, it was one of my favorite ones.

Badtz Maru, you’re thinking of The Lurking Horror, which was set at G.U.E. Tech, modeled 100% after MIT, which was the alma mater of the original Infocom Implementors. That game’s still under copyright and moderately difficult to find (although it can be done).

However, I do strongly recommend Anchorhead, which is a Lovecraftian text adventure created a few years back. As is the case with almost all text adventures written these days, it’s released as freeware and can be obtained at the Interactive Fiction Archive. Anchorhead won the XYZZY award in 1998 for Best Setting, and was also nominated for Best Individual NPC, Best Puzzles, Best Writing, Best Game, and Best Story.

(If anyone has questions about how to run modern text adventures, feel free to email me.)

Call of Cthulu’s release date keeps getting pushed back but if you can wait it’s a first person shooter set in the Lovecraft mythos.

I d/l the game. What is a z8 file and what do I use to open it? Windows has no idea.

Way back when I wrote a text adventure game called “Mountains of Madness” based on the Cthulhu mythos, using the AdventureWriter system for the C64. I entered it into a gamewriting contest sponsored by Qlink, the predecessor to AOL. It came in third in its category.

Trouble was, there were only three games entered in the category. Still, I won a Qlink T-shirt, which is probably a collector’s item in some alternate universe.

Actually, lel, could you start up a thread about interactive fiction for beginners? I’ve just started to look over that site, and having a helpful and knowledgeable guide to IF would be wonderful.

I’m sure a lot of people who followed your earlier link would feel the same way. It’s really intriguing.

I liked Dark Seed when it came out, although it became very frustrating at times. The H.R. Giger artwork made up for a lot. Not specifically Lovecraft, but somewhat derivative.

It was decent, but short. Very Liner and some puzzles damn annoying.

There was a preceding game called Shadow of the Comet which was much better and gave me chills at times. Unfortunatly, you had to use a keyboard as the mouse support was rather bad.

Don’t forget the Arkham Horror board game from Chaosium. And they’re releasing a 15th anniversary edition sometime this year!

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Off I go to start a thread on IF for newbies.

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Though not PC or console games, we can’t forget Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG or their collectible card game, Mythos.

There’s also a board game running around out there called The Hills Rise Wild that I’ve heard nothing but good things about, but it might be rather difficult to find.

Dreamcatcher has a game called Necronomicon which they claim is an approved Lovecraft game. It’s somewhat Myst-like. Fairly middle of the road.

There were also games titled The Scroll and The Daughter of Serpents that I think were supposed to be Lovecraftian.

Since Ino has mentioned the IF Archive, I’ll also second Anchorhead. I’m also compelled to mention The Awakening which was my own contribution and was inspired somewhat by Lovecraft, but in fairness I must also say that it was my first attempt at writing IF and it shows.

A while back, at one of the local comic stores, I saw a D&D type roll-playing game based off of the whole Cthulu mythos. It had stats for virtually every monster/zombie/elder god/cosmic horror that’s ever been mentioned and then some. Some of the artwork was really nice as well.
There’s also a LARP game, probably by the same company. Unfortunately, I really have no interest in roll-playing games anymore aside from the artwork in the books, but the LARP one had some interesting tips on how to make good zombie makeup, as well as really silly looking horror puppets. If you’ve got a good comic store in the area, check out the roll-playing section and see if you can find them.

There’s also Cthangband, a roguelike game based off of Sangband (a version of Angband that does away with classes and uses skills). Amusing diversion although it really wasn’t my cup of tee. I like Zangband much more…