Good grief, 1000 freakin' posts!

How can I be that verbose? :smack:

Liar! You’re only at 999!

Hmmm…does that mean this isn’t a post-count party, then?

Last time I checked I was somewhere over ten thousand posts. I’ve been here since march 2002. In the last year I’ve posted about ten or so posts. For posting what once proved to be an entertaining thread I have been accused of post-count padding.

I have had many threads locked… Most of them by SkipMagic. Is this guy worthy of moderatordom? I think not. He tends to shoot first and question later.

It is neither the time nor place for this.

You wanna whine about me? Do it in the Pit. But here’s a helpful hint: the last time I checked, you’ve been told not to post while drunk or submit post-padding threads. Yet you keep on doing both. Do either again and you’ll be warned.

KlondikeGeoff, we tend to close post-count party threads:

From this sticky.