GOOD hair stories!

Dang it! I’m tired of people complaining about the BAD things that hairstylists did to them! We aren’t all bad! Now, please tell some good stories before I think the whole world hates us!

Thank you. If you do this, you will spare me an inferiority complex. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had 3 haircuts since '92. 2 in the last year. So not much there for stories, doubled since my hair is so simple to cut.
But… as far as good hair stories go, I did have one hair stylist who managed to change my whole persona with a single haircut. Back when I was a shorthair, around 7th grade, I wore my hair about 4-6 inches long, parted on the left, with a little spiky bit at the back of the part. Boring. But this hair stylist only heard the word spiky. When he was done, my hair was 1-1.5 inches all over, and sticking straight up. Just like the hair on a plush tuffed animal. I thought it was cool, so I kept it like that for the next 4 years. This introduced my to the wonderful concept of letting girls play with your hair.
Of course, that response was nothing compared to that of having long hair… nothing like going to a strip club and having every girl in the place come by at least once to play with your hair. Once I knew a girl that would come and sit with her head on my shoulder so she could smell my hair. Herbal Essence Good.
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So, I got to college, and did the thing that every female college freshman seems to do. No, not pierce my bellybutton–I got a drastic hair cut. I showed up with long black hair down to the middle of my back. About a month into the school year, I decided, “I need a haircut. A drastic one.” So I, being a poor college student, went to the local student hair salon, where you have to sign a waiver, but it’s only $10 a haircut.

I got there, and wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted done–just that I wanted it shorter and different. After trying to get me to pick something, the girl finally settled on what she thought I might want, and started cutting. 40 minutes later, I’ve got layers, and my longest hairs come to my chin. Woohoo!

And it makes me look older, too–my ID picture looks about twelve, and I look about eighteen, I think.

And every time I’ve been back to that salon, I’ve had nothing but good experiences. They’re really careful and talented, and they give really good cuts.

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When I have the money, I go to Tony and Guy’s. I never manage to get the same stylist twice, but that’s okay. Whoever is in charge of hiring stylists there does a bang up job.

I come out feeling relaxed and pretty and as though my stylist cut every individual hair with special attention.

I’ve also visited my roommate’s stylist who is a complete blast. What I love about her is that she won’t let me make a bad decision. If she thinks it’ll look bad, she’ll tell me so. Classy lady.

After I quit a VERY bad job, I decided I needed a change. My hair, which boarders between frizzy and curley, was to my shoulders. I walked into my salon, and announced to my hair dresser, Gene, that I wanted a radical change. If he could have spit in both his hands and rubbed them together in anticipation, he would have.

I walked out with VERY short hair. Longer than a pixie cut, but you get the idea. I got compliements on it, but it was more trouble then it was worth (frizzy hair does not cease to be frizzy when it is short. You just can’t put it up in a ponytail.) so I’m growing it out. But I never regretted getting it whacked off.

There definitely are some great hairdressers out there! I had a really, really great hairdresser a few years ago. She was careful and precise, and she always listened carefully to what I was asking for in a haircut. But the best thing about her was that she was totally honest. I remember once I went in with a picture of a haircut (I realize now I was totally dreaming) and said, “Could you please cut my hair in this style?” She looked at the picture, looked at my hair, and said, “I could cut your hair like that, but since your hair is straight and not curly, it wouldn’t look like that and you would probably be disappointed.” So much better than just giving me what I asked for! Talent and tact.

Now I have really short hair and my boyfriend cuts it for me – he’s a pretty great hairdresser too! :wink: