Good hand vacuum for kids?

My two year old just swept a bunch of granola crumbs off the table onto the floor. It occurs to me that she could clean up her own mess with a dustbuster style thing. What’s good?

My husband got rid of our Dirt Devil Kone because the exhaust tended to blow around the very dirt you were trying to clean up. I agree, it was not a great design.

So is there something good that works reasonably well, doesn’t blow the crumbs away as you try to suck them up, and could be handled by a little kid? (I realize she would require supervision, and wouldn’t do a great job. However, I also have a 6yo who is pretty messy herself.)

I don’t have a serious answer, but if you’re a fan of The Office, have you considered a Suck It?

I do not recommend the “Shark” as sold by Target. The rotary brush works fairly well but the suction is weak.

I don’t have one of these but I’m thinking about getting one. All the other stuff that I have by them is excellent.