Good Humor trucks

Remember the “old” Good humor trucks? The kind that used to drive slowly around the neighborhood, bells jingling, dispensing delightful frozen concoctions to the kids? Are these trucks still around? Anyone seen any recently? And how the heck did the Good Humor man know what he was pulling out of the freezer?

There’s one just like the photo that comes around my mother-in-law’s neighborhood. She lives near a private lake, and the truck visits all the beaches around the lake, the kids go running and yelling and getting money from Dad’s pocket for ice cream when he shows up. Just like the good old days. That is in Falls Church, Va.

There was an article in the Washington Post a few years ago about route competition among the drivers. Apparently they are independent contractors, not GH employees with assigned routes. So they are very territorial. (Articles more than 2 weeks old require payment, so no link here.)

But do any current ice cream trucks still have the * ching, ching, ching…* bells? FWIW, the pushcarts around here have real bells.

Last time I was anywhere near an ice cream truk, it was playing some god-awful warbled Pop Goes the Weasel or Turkey in the Straw recording.

The music is as evil as clowns. Especially with the doppler shift in tone as they pass you by and the off-pitch music pitches off even moreso. It hurts the ear and brain. Evil.


(No really, stop. You’re annoying me.)

I don’t know about good humor trucks specifically, but I bought a spongebob squarepants frozen confection from a truck-driving ice-cream vendor… artificially colored confection got on my khaki shorts :(… and it also tasted like chap-stick in a way… :frowning:

I live near Toronto, Ontario and out here we have both.