Good ideas, bad skillsets

Have you ever had a great invention or business idea or something, but you don’t have the specialized knowledge or skills to make it happen (or the cash to pay someone who did)? I would have thought in this age of everything-you-could-ever-possibly-need-is-on-the-internet there would be a one-stop site where people could connect their ideas or skills with other people who have complimentary skills, but I don’t know of one, do you? (I’d start one, but I don’t have the web skills, see?)

It seems to me that the business hall of fame is full of stories of people who had skill A and met people with skill B and made millions by putting the two together. How the heck did they find each other, anyway?

So, do you have grand ideas you just know would make millions if only you knew how to make it happen? Or you know you are super-great at what you do, and if only someone would come along with a brilliant idea to put your skill to good use?

Actually, I am currently filling out a patent application for something I invented last week and tested on myself with tremendous success. If only I can get the patent approved and then sell it to a company in the business without getting screwed, the future is so bright I gotta wear shades. So what I’m looking for is someone with some kind of business sense and an idea of how to deal with people in suits, 'cause behind my forehead there’s nothing of the kind.

I don’t think it’s the lack of specialized knowledge or skills that keeps most ideas from being developed into actual products. It’s the unwillingness to take a risk. At some point, someone has to suck it up, and risk real money to get the product out there.

Your web site idea, for example, is technically simple and could be built for next to nothing. It’s useless without users though and driving traffic to it would require investment in sales and marketing. That costs money. Are you willing to mortgage your house, max out your credit cards and cash in your retirement savings to make that happen?