Good indoor pools in NYC?

I used to belong to a health club that had a pool because my employer got a phat discount, but I changed jobs so now I no longer qualify. Does anybody know of any good indoor swimming pools in Manhattan or Brooklyn that don’t cost an arm and a leg to join?

I’d be willing to pay a toe. Maybe a finger if it’s open 24/7.

That will make it much harder to swim. :stuck_out_tongue: Have you looked into any other gyms/health clubs? 24 hour fitness may not have a pool but I am sure there are some other places that will have one.

I’m bumping this oldish thread because I still haven’t been able to find much with the occasional googling. I might have to (gasp) pick up the phone and call a few places to find out if they have pools. But that seems like it might take an eternity.

Asphalt Green has a ‘swim membership’. I have no idea how much it is, though.

Hey, cool. Amazingly, this place never turned up in my searches, but it looks nice. It’s a bit out of the way, but I’m going to contact them to find out how much it costs.

Did your searches turn up New York City’s Recreation Centers? It’s $75.00 annual fee for admittance to all facilities (gym, etc.) and all of the indoor pools I’ve used (in Manhattan and Brooklyn) are pretty nice. Nothing fancy but clean and well-maintained. The hours are limited but for $75, you can afford to be flexible. The ones I currently use are in Brooklyn – Crown Heights and Williamsburg.