Good insecticide for killing ticks?

I’m buying property in an area well known for ticks. Most of the parcel is mowed grass, but there’s a small part with some derelict buildings that I want to tear down that is being taken over by a jungle.

The jungle already has a date with Roundup and a BF sprayer prior to demolition of the buildings, but I also want to spray for insects and related creepies before I start clearing it all out.

What is a good insecticide that will kill ticks? Will Malathion do the job, and more importantly, is it still on the market?

I suggest you check with your local county extension service for advice. They will be able to give you specifics for what kind of pesticide to use, and how much you’ll need.

You can buy malathion concentrate on Froogle, which I assume means that you can buy it at Wal-Mart, too.

Here’s a website on tick control. Some of those insecticides are restricted for professional applicators only. Which is why it’s not a bad idea to check with the Extension Service to see what you can use, legally and safely, at home.

On a more philosophical level…are you sure ya wanna drench an acre or two of Planet Earth with pesticides? After the jungle is defoliated, the ticks will be gone, having no habitat, and to cope with the spiders and other “creepies” in the garage, just wear gloves and a hat and watch where you put your hands.

Because you’re the one who’s going to be walking around in that particular acre of Planet Earth for the next few weeks, inhaling and touching pesticide residue.

Just sayin’. :wink:

Yeah, I’m sure I want to. Part of the jungle is overgrowing a rubbish pile of old wood that will soon become a bonfire. Even if the vines and pokeweed are all wilted and shriveled, there’s still plenty of places for those vampiric little bastiges to hide, and there will be a period of weeks that I’ll be crawling all over that sucker while I stack it higher before lighting it off.

I’m not sweating anything in the mowed yard, BTW. Their time will come later. Thanks for the link.

For that reason, I would suggest investigation of IGRs. These are insect growth regulators*. Many are nontoxic to humans. They have an effect on the developmental stages of the insect, stopping it from reaching maturity or producing fertile eggs.

*Yes, I realize that ticks are not insects;)

Also, be aware that if you use an organophosphate, Piperonyl butoxide, Permethrins, or a few others you should keep any cats (if you have any) away from the area. Those products are very toxic to cats and I have seen death after inadvertent exposure.

And exactly what I meant by worrying about the ones in the lawn at a later date…

Purely anecdotally, I’ve found that the little buggers hate rosemary. I use rosemary essential oil pretty much nightly (it’s good for sore muscles) and have never had a tick bite, even when camping in the woods for weeks on end. I see hundreds of them, and my friends are all bitten, but they don’t like me and my rosemary. (I also use the rosemary e.o. to get them out of my friends - a drop on the body and the suckers back out like whores leaving a church social.)

So maybe plant some rosemary around your property. It’s a pretty evergreen bush and smells yummy. Plus, you can trim it and always have some fresh rosemary for cooking!