Good Karaoke Game for Wii?

A co-worker brought his Xbox with Guitar Hero and Rock Band with the full set up of mic, drums, bass and guitar. This of course transformed our standard Christmas party of resentment into a battle of the bands that lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

Unfortunately it will likely be an one time thing, because he had to fight his kids to get the stuff out of his house.

The rest of us who have game consoles, have wiis. As this was a really big hit, several of us have offered to rotate bringing our systems in.

However from what I can tell, the wii versions of karaoke games are lacking, particularly in the ability to download new songs.

None of us have any these games, so it will be a company investment, but they’re not going to pony up for a full Rock Band set up.

I’m looking for a Karaoke game with a good selection of songs. I looked at the American Idol Encore and that was sort of what I was looking for. However I can’t seem to find a really good real world review of the thing that doesn’t compare karaoke games to other systems. That doesn’t help me, because we’re not going to have access to those other systems.

Any suggestions welcomed…not counting buy an Xbox or Playstation.

Any reason that Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero 5 don’t fit the bill? Both have downloadable songs for the Wii and allow you to just sing the vocals. You can buy the game disc alone plus a mic separately.

Honestly, i think that massive set up we experienced has spoiled us, so if the game is purely a singing game, it will remove the, " where’s the drums set at…?" disappointment that would come from playing Rock Band or Guitar hero again.

Just trying to manage the expectations.