Good luck, taikonauts!

Apparently, China will be launching someone up into space in the next four days:

As a backer of space exploration when it is actual exploration, I would like to send my best wishes to the one to three brave people about to be strapped to the rocket and shot off into 14 or so orbits.

I would also like to welcome a third space-faring nation into the fold and remind the US government that a little competition never hurt.

Although China’s being close-mouthed about the whole operation, it’s believed that only one guy is going up the first time – although the craft is a three-seater.

Still, godspeed.


I’m sure I’ll be singing when I watch the launch: “It’s been a long road. . . gettin’ from there to here. . .”

Do that, and folks’ll probably be howling in agony.

In China.

(I’m kidding, I’m kidding…)

Nothing quite like the peaceful use of gunpowder.

Or an Inter contenental ballistic missile.

Up to this point there was a lot of ridicule by people over China;'s effort. Most people really don’t understand how very difficult it is to put a human being into orbit and (hopefully) get them back alive. It is a major acomplishment and anyone who thinks China is a backwards nation forgets the true potential that nation has. I wonder if they will be on the moon by the next decade?