Good Music for Babies and Toddlers

I’m expecting my first child in January and I also have a grandson who will be right around 10 months old when my baby is born. (long story!!)

Was thinking about music I’d like to have around for the babes, but I’d really like it to not be “Kid’s Music” for right now. I know there are a lot of contemporary artists putting out kids CD’s - They Might Be Giants comes to mind - but was wondering what more contemporary songs/artists would be good for the little ones. Music that is not grating to adults but is soothing or fun for babies and kids to listen to, you can sing along to easily, etc.

I’m figuring when they get old enough we will have no choice but to become familiar with Doodlebops and the Wiggles and all that stuff, but until then I’d like to have some play lists or CD’s available that the adults can enjoy and the kids also like. Adult Contemporary, Country, R&B, stuff like that.

Some examples:

Stevie Wonder - Isn’t She Lovely, and many others
Bob Marley - Three Little Birds or Jammin’
James Taylor - Your Smiling Face, Sweet Baby James and others
Earth Wind and Fire - That’s the Way of the World
The Manhattans - Shining Star
The Jackson 5 - ABC
Michael Jackson - Human Nature

Any other ideas…??

My niece is a big Jimmy Buffet fan. Her dad made her a special playlist of his slower songs to listen to before she was born, but she’s started smiling at some of his other stuff now that she’s out. Little Miss Magic is a favorite in that household, mostly because my niece is magic.

(Why yes, she is my first, why do you ask?)

this may (not) be what you’re looking for depending on how much you like weird jazz/early electronic music experiments.

some samples

Also: congratulations

MissMossie your neice is a cutie!!! Jimmy Buffet is a great suggestion.

And I will definitely check out the soothing baby music links, Superfluous Parentheses, thanks!!

My kids love the Beatles. Seriously. My 3 year old has been wandering around singing “Yellow Submarine” for the past week.

Jim Croce–lots of catchy, upbeat tunes.

Peter, Paul, and Mary-- Puff the Magic Dragon is a must have anyway, but other stuff, too.

Simon & Garfunkle–lots of pleasing harmony.


In a few years, you may want to introduce the little one to the “Funky Kidz” CD. All of the songs are done by New Orleans musicians, one of which is the aforementioned “Yellow Submarine”.

Below is a link to the CD at Amazon. Ignore the negative review. It’s baseless.

We enjoy “For the Kids” albums one and two. We especially like Cake’s version of “Mah na mah na.”

Baby Loves Jazz


They Might Be Giants has a good kids’ CD out.

FWIW, my kids are 4 and 6 and I have never, ever had to watch the Wiggles or Doodlebop. Start strong, my friend! And congratulations.

How about Jack Johnson? He is relaxing and has a soothing voice…

We - my wife, our 19-month old daughter, and self - all love the Rockabye Baby series, especially Pixies:

Excellent suggestions!! How could I have forgotten the Beatles? :smack: I’ll be adding all of these to my list.

Look back in time a bit… there are lots of weird old songs that kids love.

“I am a mole and a live in a hole”
“Last train to San Fernando”
“Little White Bull”

I loved them as a child and so do my nieces and nephews.

What about the Beach Boys?