Good names for a new chain brand

I’m looking for a really good name for a new (motorbike) chain brand and was wondering if anybody here could help me with some good words/names.
The name should ooze strenght, reliability and dependability. I will be greatful for any help :slight_smile:

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There are loads of question on the ,essage board that have no real ‘correct’ answer… but i notice none of them have been moved… geez sorry for needing help yeah?

Looking around here, most of the chains are just a part of a bigger line up of parts. No really any chain specific names here.

Chains aren’t really a “sexy” part like tires or shocks. Any well established name brand will have a HUGE advantage.

Is your chain radically different and better than what’s on the market now?

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The Weakest Link?


“Viking.” They wore chain, showed up pretty reliably, and kicked ass.

More seriously, ‘The Strongest Link’ isn’t bad, just a little long. You can fake an Anglo-Saxon-style compound, like Stronglink.

Depending on how they attach, I also like “Abe’s Link-on.”

The Strongest Link is actually a pretty good name.

My first thought was*** Tyrant***. I have no idea why, but the word popped into my head on reading the OP. That said, lots of words pop into my head, so I wouldn’t take it as a sign or anything.

The name should emphasize whatever benefits your chain has over other brands:

Is it stronger? then something like TorqueMaster or StrongLink

Is it better sealed, longer life? LubeMizer, Enduro, Gritbuster.

Is it quiter? SilentRide.

Easier to install? SpeedLink.

Mastodon. Because mastodons are big, strong, and totally cool.

Magnum TurboLink XL Extreme? :slight_smile:

That’s probably already a brand of condom.

Gold-plate the bastard, inflate the price by about 10x, and call it MonsterChain.

I like Mastodon that’s cool.

In Cleveland our strongest and most reliable football player is (sometimes) known as The Beast with a picture of a rhino. In that link, I think the picture of the rhino looks a lot like the shape of a bike chain link!