Good news about he Asian Flu: It has apparently escaped a Canadian lab

Fun! Fun! Fun!

That going to cause some serious downgrading in someone’s performance review, methinks.

Repeat after me:
The Morons will KILL US ALL!
…KILL US ALL! :eek:

Well, it’s not as if the bug is actually out of the bottle now is it? There’s just 3,700 bottles. I’m sure all will be handled properly and everything will be just fine. Except of course in Asia, a massive pandemic in which constitutes Part II of Inigo Montoya’s paranoid scheme.

Oh, #()*$#!.

The rest of Canada apologizes on behalf of our morons…

As long as it’s not Capt. Trips.

Actually, the morons that made up the test kits were in Cincinnati.

But you tell me over, and over, and over again my friend
Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

Great…I survive 30 some odd years of poor diet and a lack of exercise, only to be killed by the asian flu…Just my luck.

As FatBaldGuy noted, the Canadians aren’t the bad guys in this scenario. On the contrary:

Credit where credit is due:

Don’t make me throw down the gauntlet. Grrr.

Speaking as a lab tech who’s handled many CAP specimens in the past, I wouldn’t worry excessively about it. It’s a dumb mistake no doubt, but these specimens are treated as any other potentially pathogen-laden materials would be in the clinical lab. No decent tech who’s been in the field any length of time would do otherwise. This excludes the occasional doofus, found in all professions, but as the labs are being graded on the CAP surveys said doofi are not allowed to do them. In my experience anyway.

But I’d sure want to know what idjit picked that strain. Might want to go find a different career.

Did you miss this part of the article?

(emphasis mine)

Well, yes, obviously I did.

But I’m still not ready to run around shrieking doom yet.

You’re no fun at, you realize that, don’t you? :wink:

I’m not gonna shrieking, I’m gonna SING! I’m going to sing the doom song!

This is a link to a highly annoying animated gif homepage semi-explaing the joke. If you are here, you have missed the highly annoying, off-topic link. Congradulations!

Don’t Panic! There’s absolutely nothing to worry about!

I know this thanks to asking Papa Doug, who was actually around (in Iowa) in 1957. His response: “Asian flu? What Asian flu? Nobody got sick. They weren’t hauling bodies in sheets out of the Iowa State Armory. We didn’t even give two shits what was going on in Asia. That’s how far away we were from all that.”

Oh, this is brilliant.

::tap:: ::tap:: ::tap:: Hello? McFly? Ever heard of the flu epidemic of 1918? :rolleyes:

Oh, sure. That’s my unofficial title at work.


Houston, we have a problem.

Uh, oh.