Good news about killer bees!

…or at least FOR killer bees in Las Vegas. The news says its been prime weather for Killer Bee breeding. We should have a plethera come spring! Whoopie!!

Time for me to break out my Big Book of Fun with Killer Bees!!

Thank you, Whammo, for reminding me at the end of this cold, snowy week of the benefits of putting up with Pennsylvania winters.

Killer bees, killer bees,
whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when Ortho
comes for you?

jayjay, you don’t need to make up a song for the killer bees, there already is one, “Killer Bees” by The Bobs.

The Bees
The killer bees are coming
Spreading fear and terror in our land
They’re always buzzing, never humming
They’re going to swarm across the Rio Grande

For the rest of the lyrics, go here.

Killer bees in Las Vegas? Someone’ll find a way to bet on them …