Good News/Bad News With My Obamacare!

The good news is the website worked just great - and not only that, but due to my current (poor) economic status, I am fully eligible for Medicaid - which will cost me zero dollars.

The bad news? Well, currently - in Nevada alone - there were 38,000 people who also were eligible for Medicaid just in the past three weeks! Thus the wait time can be up to 60 days before I get my card. I was told they are hiring over 200 people just to try to catch up with the huge number of applicants.

Oh well - better late than never - and free is good. (Of course, when I finally get my new job, I will have to let them know and go to a slightly different plan that will cost me - but that is OK too, as then I can afford to pay it.)

I got me some cheap ObamaCare, going to enjoy it while I have the chance as it seems pretty plain the system is going to self destruct, of course after that the rich will be happy to take care of the poor, as we have seen throughout history.

I just got my card, and can get the first physical I’ve had in over three years. $106.68 per month.