Good news: job offer. Bad news: now what?! Help!

Basically, I just got a real job offer. This is good. Not a bad place to start.

Bad news… it was way sooner than expected. I still have an interview soon. If I got an offer from the second company, I would very much want it. As in, would take the second offer for sure.

I received the oiffer as a formal written offer. What I am unsure of is that it’s got a big (well, not that big) round number attached to it. They expect some kind of response on the morrow. Should I email back and see if they will negotiate? There are some relevant questions I would like answered, as well, though nothing game-breaking.

How soon is the interview for company 2?

The offer from company 1 did not include numbers? Was it just a plain offer of a job? If so, they certainly should expect to fill in some details before you accept or decline. I would respond with a polite thanks for the offer and request the details you are seeking. This is your best and perhaps only time to truly negotiate the terms of employment, and if it is a good employer they should be willing to at least answer questions.

The 1st offer does include a number, but nothing else. Also, it’s a very… round number, which makes me think it’s likely up for negotiation. K. I will send a (polite!) email back saying I reviewed it and would like to ask a couple questions and perhaps negotiate.


If your second interview is tomorrow, and you think there’s a chance they can give you an offer within a day or two, then go ahead and stall company #1 for a couple days by asking questions and what not.

But any more time than that, you should probably ask them how long you have to decide. Don’t tell them you’re waiting on another offer, because that makes it sound like they’re your second choice; I’d tell them you’re weighing two offers and want a few days to make sure you make the right choice. That way, they get to think they’re your first choice. [Even if HR sees right through your little ploy and knows they’re your #2, they’ll more likely give you credit for at least making a polite face-saving excuse].

You definitely want to let the second company know that you have an offer in hand. Firstly, it will make you look a lot more desireable, and they’ll be more likely to make you an offer themselves. Second, it will speed up their process.

Best of luck.

I have, and they responded exactly as you suggested.

Thank you all!