Good News: You saved 114% on your medical bill. Bad News: Pay up

From a medical insurance explanation of benefits document that I received for an emergency room visit that my son had.

It says:

Amount billed: $1,062.80 (“This was the amount that was billed for your visit”)

Discount: $0.00

What my plan paid: $1,208.00 (“Cigna paid $1,208.00 to XYX Hospital”)

What I owe: $100

You Saved: 114% ("You saved $1,208.00 (or 114%) off the total amount billed.)
:dubious: :dubious: :dubious: :dubious: :dubious:

I am not really complaining, because I know my co-pay was $100, which is what I will be billed. Why the Insurance company decided to pay the hospital more than the bill? I will never know.

I would link to an image, but I can’t get to those sites at work.