Good night, sweet prince - Actor John Neville dies at 86.

I’m sorry to say that John Neville has passed away. Best known as The Baron in ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen’ and as the ‘Well-Manicured Man’ in the "X-Files, he was also a former artistic director of the Stratford Festival.

He will be deeply missed…

John and his wife own a home in a small town on the Pacific Coast of México where we also own a home and spent their winters here. They were well known and very well liked. A very gracious couple. He was a very unassuming and respectful man. Sad news.

Good man. Also an OBE and Royal Navy veteran of WWII. I always mixed him up with David Warner, another British actor with a similarly weathered looking face. He was fantastic in the X-Files - really unique screen presence.

I also remember him fondly from an early BBC historical drama, “The First Churchills,” in which he played the first Duke of Marlborough, with the lovely Susan Hampshire as the Duchess.

Speaking of cult-ish movies, he was also General Staedert in The Fifth Element. Fairly small role, he was the old guy who got sweaty when things looked bad.

John Neville interview - in the mind of John Neville.

He really was this gracious in real life, not just on camera.