Good Omens 2 is coming

It’s officially official.

According to Neil Gaiman’s badly-formatted blog today, at one point back in the distant past he and Sir Pterry sketched out the plot of a sequel to Good Omens, but the project got shelved after Gaiman moved to America and the two of them were kept busy on their respective franchises.

But after the success of the recent dramatization of the original book, Gaiman decided to continue to cash in move forward with the outline he and Pratchett had discussed all those years before. And this time he’s found a new collaborator to help him write it, in the form of John Finnemore!

Needless to say, I’m rather thrilled at this news. And also at the news that the project is further advanced than expected:


I want the series to start filming as soon as possible.

I’m a little bit saddened by the fact that “a sequel to Good Omens” means a sequel to the movie, not a sequel to the book. In The World As it Ought to Be, the question would be between “just book” and “book and movie both”.

Yay I guess.

I remember nothing about the first except that I liked it.

Good point, hopefully a companion book will also be completed.

I think Good Omens is just about the best mini-series ever. I’ve watched it 3 times in full. It is perfect to me.

I was blown away to see Gaiman announced this today. I will watch it the day it drops.

2023 most likely? 2022 if we are lucky?

I’m a fan of the first (and the book). Looking forward to the second (book or no).

I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t, although it’s still going to be a novelisation of the series rather than the other way around.

BTW it turns out the “badly-formatted blog” thing was a browser issue. It was a mess on my computer on Chrome for some reason, but perfectly fine on my phone.

I wonder if Good Omens II will pull in a second Doctor in Peter Capaldi?

(Happy dance!)

The book has been a faithful companion for decades. Loved the series. And now I get more? HUZZAH!!

Looks fine on my computer on Chrome.

Anyway, when I saw the thread title, I was dubious: do we really need a sequel? Is it right to do this without Pratchett? What, if anything, is Gaiman’s involvement?

But, reading the OP (and the blog which is its source material) allayed my doubts and cast “Good Omens 2” in the best possible light.

I really liked Good Omens as a standalone book. I enjoyed, but wasn’t blown away by the TV-series. I’ll definitely watch the sequel, but I’m not super happy about it.

Having left myself ample room to be pleasantly surprised I hope I will be. :slight_smile:

If Gaiman had done this on his own I’d be dubious too, but if there really was a planned sequel with Pratchett - and because the endlessly-talented John Finnemore is involved - I am far more optimistic.

I’m not familiar with John Finnemore, but I’m excited about revisiting some of the characters.

Finnemore is the writer, and one of the stars, of “the funniest British comedy of the last decade.”


My money’s on Peter Davidson.

The blog had a pic of Gaiman with Capaldi is all.

Aha. :man_facepalming: