Good pie

You know what I love?

Kitten pie.
Did I say kitten pie? I meant pecan pie. Pecan.


I am not a huge pie fan, but there is something just so deliciously sinful about a French silk pie. I can’t resist them. There are other pies I like, but that is the one pie I can’t turn down.

I’ve always been partial to Publix’s key lime pie, but without the sliced almonds on the whipped cream. I’ve had equals at restaurants, but never better.

Sitting quietly in the Piper fridge is the last slice of sour cream pie I made for Thanksgiving. I was saving it for dessert tonight, but thanks to this thread, its fate is sealed…immediate execution!

Oh, and mangetout - steak and kidney pie is truly the king of pies! I have a ceramic blackbird to hold up the centre of the crust in the deep-dish.


I am of the opinion that meat has no business being in pie!

That’s right, you can keep your steak and kidneys away from the pie crust, thank you very much!

I love pie too.

And just in case you’re ever in the neighbourhood, y’know, of Nepal. In the old city part of Kathmandu there is a tiny little street called Pie Alley. Mmmmm. Very, very yummy.

Damn, now I want to bake a pie!

Steak and kidney pie!

Veal and Ham Pie!

Chicken and Ham Pie!

Mincemeat Pie!

Melton Mowbray Pork Pie!

Meat and crust go together like ham and eggs! like roast beef and Yorkshire pud!

Not hard to find Aussie meat pies here. And Guinness pie at the British and Irish pubs in Bangkok. Mmmmm.

pie pie pie pie pie OVERLOAD pie pie pie! :stuck_out_tongue:
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our Penna. Dutch specialty… Slippery Pot Pie. It’s not a pie at all, but we call it that. :stuck_out_tongue: Mostly it’s chicken slippery pot pie, but also comes in beef and rarely ham. OOOO! Ham slippery pot pie!
It’s basically thick chicken ( /beef/ham) soup, then you make a quarter inch thick pie dough, cut it into 2 inch-ish squares and drop it in the soup. It all thickens up and you end up with doughy, pasta-ey, thick yummy goodness.
Just behind Hog Maw for the wonderfullest eats around these parts. :wink:

Steak and ale pie: yum!

Chicken pie: yum!

Apple pie: yum!

Pork pie: yum!

On preview, I see Northern Piper has similar tastes.

Do you have a recipe for the butterscotch apple pie? That sounds like something my husband would adore. I am mostly a pecan, sweet potato and pumpkin pie myself. I much prefer my fruit fresh rather than baked.

MMmmm. Pie gene.

I freakin’ love pie - meat, fruit, pudding, all of it. It’s all good. I get pies for my birthday, too. Raspberry if I can get it. Any delicious thing wrapped in pastry is, indeed, God’s food.

MMmmmm. Pie.

You said “kitten”! Where are the pics?!? Dammit, you know the rules!

Jahdra, I make a totally kick-ass lemon meringue pie – my mom’s recipe. Cooking the filling in a double boiler is essential. If you ever are in my neck of the woods, I’ll make you a pie.

Another vote here for sharing the butterscotch apple pie recipe!

I love apple pie, especially French or Dutch apple pie. Sadly, nobody else in my family does. So I rarely get to make it, unless I want to eat the entire thing myself, which is not good for my waistline.

But I’m making pumpkin pie tomorrow, so at least there will be pie. (And frankly, it’s easier to make than apple pie.) It’s going to be a kid cooking project, to surprise their Dad. I’m sure it will take longer to clean up the mess than it will to make the pie, but it will be fun.

[Homer Simpson]Your recipes are intriguing to me and would like to subscribe to your newsletter[/Homer Simpson]

In other words, recipe please??? Seriously - this sounded interesting so I did some googling and found out those things are in season now and I bought 3 containers of them at the store today and now I need to know what to do with them :slight_smile:

Cherry pie is the most delightful and most pleasantly flavorful food known. Sadly, many makers treat the filling as some horrible cheap commodity and only worry about delivering a nice flaky crust. The ideal filling minimizes the nonfruit part (corn starch or whatever) and also retains some tartness. In my region, unfortunately, many stores that carry pies sell ones made by the Pennsylvania Dutch. The way these people throw excess sugar into everything is abhorrent.

For some reason, McDonald’s cherry pies are pretty good. They are not encrusted with horrible cheap icing or candy. The crust is somewhat flaky and the filling has a strong and not terribly sweet cherry flavor. But the challenge here is to find the little things! It is awful when I get a craving for them and drive around to the half dozen McDonalds around here. Most will not have any, and those that have them often only have one or two. They’re never advertised. It is weird - the only thing McDonalds sells that is actually better than average, and it’s hard to get them to sell me one!

I enjoy pie quite a bit, but am more partial to the “pocket pie” varieties, as they’re just the right size and a bit more portable. (Mmmmmm, empanadas and fruit pasties!) I’m learning more about baking, and made a delicious apple pie the other month; it was so good that, between Acid Lamp and I, it was gone within a day and a half. Not a fan of pumpkin pie or pecan pie; it’s either too sweet or too “member of the squash family” for me.

Mama Zappa --plenty of recipes on nthe internet. Here’s one that close to what I use:

1.) They don’t use corn starch or tapioca for thickening, whjich is all to the good in my book.

2.) I don’t use any butter
3.) Don’t rely on cookbook measures of suger and lemon juice. The sugar content of grapes varies – add sugar and lemon by taste. And err on the side of tartness.

4.) You don’t need a food mill – just use a strainer or Colander to get the seeds out. And, afdter you’re done, check the strained pulp for any seeds that slipped through.

5.) Freshly wstrained pulp, which is still warm, is at the perfect stage for adding the sugar – it’ll immediately dissolve.

6.) The first comment on the recipe, about peeling the grapes, is dead-on. You can “peel” the grapes one-handed by ripping them off the stem, grabbing on the side opposite, and squeezing so that the tear at the stem enlarges and allows the grape pulp plus seeds to squirt oyut.

7.) Be sure to wash the grapes off well and throw out the bad ones, since your skins are going i n the recipe too.

8.) Be sure to cook until the skins start to “dissolve” in the mix. This may be longer than the recipe requires. The syrup bubbling up ought to be purple colored when it;'s done.

Now I’m brooding about the whole “extras” issue.

Why do they put horrible sweeteners on top of fruit? It’s fruit! It’s already designed specifically to be sweet, so we’ll eat it!

A few days ago I had the apple pie in a restaurant. I asked them to bring it without any sauce or icing or ice cream or candy or syrup added. When it came, it had chocolate sauce and what I think was butterscotch sauce poured all over the place.

Nice pie is hard to prepare, hard to keep in stock, hard to find. Chocolate and other candies are all over the place - just look around any convenience store checkout. So, why are they so insistent on adding horrible cheap chocolate and other icings and candies and sauces, even when I ask them not to? Is there some evil conspiracy? Are there goons representing the corn syrup mongers loitering around every back room in the country?