Good pie

I like pie.

There’s a lot of pie I don’t like, as I’m a terribly picky eater. Apple pie - eh. Pecan pie? I’ve been told I have no soul, but I just can’t get into it.

Other pie, however, is proof that there is good in the world. Good pumpkin pie can make me weep in joy. My mom makes a mean strawberry and blueberry pie that’s heaven on a hot summer night.

And man oh man have I got some good pie in front of me. Had a piece earlier today, and couldn’t resist the siren call of another. It’s from a local restaurant that makes sinfully good desserts (Harry’s Roadhouse in Santa Fe).

Chocolate mousse on a brownie crust. Also referred to as “oh god I am not worthy of this” pie.

We got it for a staff party at the library today. I worked tonight. Right before I left, the evening supervisor, who missed the party said he was going to grab a leftover slice from the fridge, did I want one? Well, duh. So here I am, fresh from work, with another eight hundred or so calories on a plate in front of me. This, my friends, is the type of treat where you can taste each and every calorie, every single gram of fat, every molecule of sugar - and it is absolutely wonderful.

This thread brought to you by a rare and entirely unexpected combination of free time and pie.

Everyone thinks that I’m weird about pies, as I hate pretty much all fruit pies - cherry, apple, blackberry, etc. The texture of them is pretty mcuh horrible to me. I’m usually all about chocolate/ cream pies. However, my husband makes a butterscotch apple pie that is so unbelievably delicious that I can easily eat an entire pie by myself (I would probably have a heart attack immediately afterward, but it’s so worth it). He got the recipe out of some battered old cookbook from the 50’s, and I force him to make it at every possible opportunity. Whenever we take it to a potluck or family gathering, I’m torn between bragging to people about how good it is an what ana amazing cook he is, or badmouthing the pie so that no one willl eat it and I can have it all to myself.

Enjoy your pie; it sounds excellent.

Pie is good. Pumpkin Pie is very good. Apple pie is good if it is made well, and disappointing if it is not. Chocolate pie is fairly good, almost all the time.


I need me some pie.

I’ll be back.


I’m not fond of pecan pie either but I do have a recipe for chocolate brownie pecan pie which is a really really good pie.

I love lemon meringue, but I haven’t had a good one in years. Banana cream pie is good, too. There’s nothing like a hot blackberry pie with vanilla ice cream on a summer evening. :drool: Pumpkin, pecan, chocolate silk, caramel apple pie, pie a la mode, even bean pie. Yum, pie. Peanut butter pie is right out, though.

I like pie. But, what I really love is the crust on the pie. When I was a kid my Mom would take some excess pie dough stick in the oven with some butter and cinnamon and I would have a treat that would make me as happy as any old pie could make me. Which is funny, since I hated pizza pie crust. Maybe, because there wasn’t much butter on that.

We tried to make Mock Apple Pie in college, but it didn’t taste very appley. I am not sure why. But, as an older person more used to baking I am willing to bet we used Baking Soda instead of Baking powder thinking it would do the trick. Still, even if it worked it was such a pain to make why would anyone do that when they can just get real apples? Apples probably shouldn’t be mocked anyhow.

You know what it is fun to make? Graham cracker crust. You get to punch the graham crackers a lot, and then cover it in butter. And, then eat it with chocolate on top of it. Or whatever pie type you would like.

Chocolate mousse on a brownie crust sounds incredible. As a big fan of chocolate, and a bigger fan of mooses I think I would love this pie very much. It would be even better with whipped cream topping.

When I was a kid we used to get these mini pies that were like full size pies zapped with some sort of minimizer ray. They sat in foil pie tins and had little holes in them, just like their parents. And, as far as lunch time snacks went, they were pretty high up there on the awesomely tasty scale. But, of course, they weren’t home baked. Unless, you live in an impersonal factory in Camden. I wonder if you can get those pie tins from the store and make your own mini pies? That would be great!

You know what else might be great? Some sort of pie involving chocolate crust, peanut butter, and chocolate and reese’s peanutbutter cups. I hope the experts get on that.

Pie is great!


I am making a buttermilk pie tomorrow since I bought a container of buttermilk to make biscuits and don’t want to waste the rest. I got the recipe from a Doper in a thread I started a few years back:

Originally posted by Baker from here:

I got one of those ready-made graham cracker pie crusts all ready! This is gonna be goooood.

Mmmmm. Pie. Not easy to find over here, but it can be found, and when it is, it’s heaven on earth. As a Western item, it’s put out mainly by five-star-hotel bakeries and such, so it will be expensive, but it WILL also be good.

I remember Key Lime pie from stateside. There was one in Arkansas called Company’s Coming pie that was REAL good; some sort of chocolate concoction, I recall.

Steak and Kidney, baby! Yeah!

Where go the pie?

I had none.

That is the question.

Me had none.

Now like my innocence, …
pie gone.

I once lived next door to an older woman who had been the pie maker at her hometown’s restaurant.The president of the local university was so smitten with her products he pulled strings to get her husband admitted to the college.
She was a crust master,very particular and specific about the type of lard used.Her favorite source was from a brother who was a butcher.When I met her she was able to use other shortenings almost as well .She cut in with her fingers,zippity quick.
Some favorites were wet-bottom shoo fly,grape pie and mincemeat (with venison & hard cider) as well as any fruit.
Myself,being a beekeeper and honey addict,like pies that have honey as a vocal ingredient,like sweet potato or cheese pies.
Never got the crust part down though.I fear the result of practice.

The day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas in my childhood were known as Pie Day. You got to have pie for breakfast. That is one of the few traditions I’ll be passing on to my child.

Every fall I make at least one Grape Pie. You can’t by it in stores – it’s too labor intensive. I use Concord grapes. One day I’d like to use some other Labrusca varietal if I could get enough of them – Delaware or Catawba or Diamond, but it’s hard enough getting concord. Great stuff! I’ve been making them every year for the past 25.
Pepper Mill made a couple of Apple Pies and numerous pastries from the two bags of apples we picked a couple of weeks ago.

My husband, Fast Eddie, made me pie for my birthday instead of cake. He is a wonderful, wonderful man, and knows me well. :slight_smile:

Queen Bruin has the Pie Gene that was passed down from my grandmother, who supported herself and two kids as a single mom during the Depression by baking pies for the local restaurant in her town. Queen Bruin makes great pie.

Mmmm. Pie.

:dubious: That’s kinda high up on my list of pies I don’t like. At least I assume so; I’ve never tried it. But I don’t like steak and the idea of eating kidneys makes me feel a bit queasy, so…yeah.

The pies for our staff party included a pumpkin pie. Apparently, when my boss ordered them, it was the first pumpkin pie the baker at the restaurant had gotten an order for a pumpkin pie. So when she went to pick them up, almost the entire staff thanked her profusely. Why? Well, obviously, he was slightly out of pumpkin-pie practice, so he had to make a test pie - which the staff then got to eat. And who doesn’t like free pumpkin pie?

Pie will soon be mine again. The baking function on my stove has been broken for a while and we didn’t bother to repair it or get a new one because we knew we were moving. (The one thing I hate about Sears appliances is they are very reliable for a long time and then some minor thing breaks and it’s so expensive to replace you just knuckle under and buy a new one.)

Anyway, I was troubled by the idea that we wouldn’t be moved before Thanksgiving. Grandma and Grandpa are going on a cruise this year. (Norman Rockwell spins gently in his grave.) No oven=no turkey and no pie. But all is well. We’re scheduled for apple with lots of cinnamon and honey pumpkin pie.


Try hot, crumbly-crisp apples and brown sugar and cinnamon, oozing with sweet crunchy goodness, served steaming over a heap of melting vanilla ice cream… excuse me I have to go now.

Pies always make me think of my Grandpa Tip, who used to say that he only liked two kinds of pie: hot pie and cold pie.

I’m not quite as openminded as he was, but I like most pies, most of the time. I have to say that the best coconut cream pie that I ever had in my life came from the cafe counter in the Youngstown, Ohio Airport in the mid to late eighties. The pie may have been excellent before and after that, too. Since I only went there once, I have no way of knowing.

Just popping in to say ‘Welcome Back’ to pricciar.

Hard to beat good key lime pie. Also hard to find good key lime pie.