Good place to buy a wheel for a Ford Fusion online?

My wife’s cousin has a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL, and apparently she somehow bent one of the wheels, leading to a flat tire. Firestone wants $270 for a refurbished wheel, and the local Ford dealer wants nearly $400 for a new one. I’ve found some cheaper wheels online on various parts websites, but I’ve never shopped for car parts online before, and I don’t know which websites are legitimate and which are likely to screw me over. What’s a good place to start?

That searches the many junkyards in however large an area you choose. There’s eBay as well.

With factory-optioned wheels, it can be cheaper to go to your local tire store and purchase 4 brand new wheels in a similar style for less than the cost of one factory wheel. As an alternative to your local tire store, there are also places like Tire Rack. They offer great prices and often come out less expensive than local options even after shipping.

Thank you for the link to I was able to find a used wheel for $75 - $200 less than Firestone wanted!