Good places to buy chocolate online

My mom’s getting hitched and wants to buy some coated chocolates for the wedding. She wants candy-coated as she is afraid they will melt in the sun, as the wedding’s outdoors. She looked at getting the custom M&Ms but the price made her wonder if there were better options for the money; sadly, most companies that cater to weddings seem to really jack up the price. The chocolates don’t have to be wedding themed. Anyone have recommendations?

I purchased a bunch of silver foiled chocolate coins for our wedding from a few years ago.

They had the best prices I was able to find online back then. Shipping was fast, and the chocolates were pretty good.

I ordered an big, honkin’ easter egg from Godiva and from all reports (from the recipient) it was frikin’, frakin’ fabulous.

My coding stinks, but please try the following link:

I used to live down the street from them, and will personally vouch for the excellent quality. My wife LOVES chocolate-coated marshmallows, and these are her favorite by a long shot.

They do cutesy little boxes, too. I think they can support a fairly large order.

And…shipping can’t be too bad to Des Moines!


I’ve bought from Ethel M Chocolates in the past and been very pleased. Kinda pricey but worth it, IMHO.

I’m partial to See’s m’self.


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I’m looking at that Windy City Sweets site now. I was excited to see the Chocolate Covered Fruit page, but sadly they don’t sell chocolate covered strawberries. If fluiddruid doesn’t object to me piggybacking on the thread, anyone know where to find good chocolate covered strawberries?

Kat - I’m in Palatine and I’m not your mom either. :smiley: Try Ethel’s Chocolates - they’re online and they also have locations (Chocolate Bars) in the Chicagoland area and I can attest that they are the absolute BEST. I ate a couple pounds of their chocolatey goodness this mother’s day.