Good, preferably free, anti-computer virus software

My Norton subscription is going to expire next month so I need new software. I may just go to ebay and get another norton systemswork as that is alot cheaper than subscribing but are there any really cheap or free anti-virus programs I should look at instead of Norton?

Avast home addition. I actually have a licensed copy of Norton but I took it off and put Avast on because I look it much better.

I’ve been pretty impressed by AVG:

AVG has worked well for me.

I thought all virus software was anti-computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I too recommend AVG.

Heh, I didn’t even notice that in the title.

'nother AVG vote, here.

Anti-vir works for me. I’ve also used AVG in the past and been happy with it. One thing I prefer about AntiVir is that you don’t have to register and get the key via email.

Pricelessware has a great list. Don’t forget a spyware blocker.

I have the free version of AVG, plus I bought Pest Patrol, which caught some things that AVG did not.

Norton did measure up, I am sad to say.

I have had good experiences with both AVG and Avast. Stay away from Norton & Mccaffe; I rarely see a machine with either of those two installed that worked correctly; hell, they are worse than most viruses.

I use Disinfectant and WormGuard.

Another vote for Avast. That’s what I installed on my mom’s computer when her Norton subscription ran out, and I haven’t gotten any problem calls from her yet. And it’s her first computer.

AVG is what I had before I got Norton. Norton works well and I like the fire wall, but I have a problem with one of the features. Not that it causes a problem, it just doesn’t work.

Anyway, for free go AVG.

Here is another vote for AVG AntiVirus. I use it both at work and at home. It has helped me fix more than a couple of computers. is your friend.

I’ll put in another vote for AntiVir. It has served me well for nearly two years. nonags also has AVG, I believe. Worth checking out, actually. Their people actually test and rate all the software, and they have about the best freeware catalog I’ve seen compiled at one website.