Good recent horror releases? (Already on home-video)

Out of curiosity, are you planning on watching any of these, ekedolphin, or are you just going to keep a master list of recommended stuff?

It’s from 2005, but The Exorcism of Emily Rose is the most recent horror movie I’ve seen that I would recommend.

I watched this on TV without knowing anything about it. I was halfway though it before I realized who the main male character was played by - I’ve never seen him made up as a normal person before! I think I could pass him on the sidewalk and not recognize him if he looks like that in real life.

I can recommend Grave Encounters.

It’s a “found footage” film that is presented as an edited-together narrative of raw footage shot by a TV show crew staying overnight in an ostensibly-haunted building.

I was surprised by how good this movie ended up being, the first half hour or so seemed to be shaping up as tripe, but then it really kicks into gear.

Master list, probably, but perhaps if something is recommended enough times, or in positive enough language, I might give it a look-see. Horror films aren’t generally “my bag, baby.”

JDATE will be in select theaters on 1/25/13, and will be out for rental on iTunes, Amazon, and most other digital platforms on 12/27/12 (yes, the digital release is coming out BEFORE the theatrical).

Thumb through some reviews at Planet of Terror and see if anything tickles your fear-bone. There’s a trailer there about a page back for Splinter, and it does look like a good one. I’m also interested in Hypothermia and Toad Road.

And if you’re super-hardcore there’s always The Bunny Game or The Woman.

Thanks for the link. But I have never heard of 99% of those “movies”. I think they must be home movies, right?

Many of them are independent films, which sucks because they don’t get wide distribution. But they’re legit: Toad Road is the first release under Elijah Wood’s new production company. Hypothermia is being distributed by Dark Sky Films, who also did Stake Land and The Innkeepers (which is currently waiting for me on my DVR, I’ve heard good things but haven’t seen it so didn’t recommend it in my original post). And Splinter comes to us courtesy of Magnet Releasing, the “genre arm” of Magnolia Pictures; Magnet is also distributing John Dies At The End, mentioned earlier, and Magnet follows me on Twitter for reasons I don’t understand, but still, cool.

I haven’t seen The Bunny Game yet, but the fact that it’s banned in the UK gives me hope. I also haven’t seen The Woman, but I’ve read the book, and I’m a fan of both writer Jack Ketchum and writer/director Lucky McKee. And though it’s not out yet, the sickening second teaser released for Thanatomorphose make it look like something I have to catch.

Some good recommendations so far, IMO (I am definitely a horror movie fanatic).
Some of these might be reiterating some of what was already listed, so take those as endorsements:

I also liked The Descent a lot. Even without the monsters, the sense of claustrophobia and vertigo in the film is pretty effective for giving someone the willies.

Outpost is a good “mulidimensional Nazi zombies vs. mercenaries” movie. I haven’t seen the latest sequel yet, but I liked the first one.

Dog Soldiers is a solid werewolf flick.

If you want your customers to be deeply disturbed, tell them to watch Martyrs.

I second all of these (except Descent, which I mean to see soon). Another good one is Absentia. It’s very creepy and surreal, not much gore at all.

Daybreakers actually sounds interesting; I might give it a whirl myself even though I’m not a horror fan.

I’ve been trying (with no success whatsoever) to dissuade my customers from renting The Human Centipede; much to my irritation, telling them what it’s about makes them want to see it more. There’s no way in a million years I’ll ever watch it, so… is it as bad as I’ve heard? (Without hijacking my own thread.)

I loved it and I’m not a big horror fan, it is more like a sci fi film actually despite the subject matter.

It’s pretty bad, yes. Actually, I found it to be a very sad, depressing movie. It was emotionally moving, honestly. Which is disturbing… but that’s my opinion.

The sequel was horrific in every way imaginable. There were parts even I couldn’t watch and I have a very strong stomach for that stuff. After I was done with human centipede 2 I felt genuinely guilty for having watched it and I haven’t gone out of my way to watch any more gory movies since then.

Also, Daybreakers was pretty good and it has Sam Neil who is one of my favorite actors, especially when he’s in horror movies.

I just watched V/H/S and enjoyed it, although I found it a little bit difficult to get into at first because the framing story is the weakest of them all. But otherwise pretty good, especially the last story. I like anthologies–I wish there were more good ones.

Saw Stakeland last week and didn’t care for it at all.

Not a horror fan in general. Definitely not a slasher film fan. And absolutely NOT a fan of horror porn. That said:

Descent was really good. And Cabin in the Woods was one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. If you like the horror/comedy vibe of Zombieland (which I thought was fantastic), you’ll appreciate Cabin.

Didn’t see it, but did see Grave Encounters 2.

The plot is a group of film students who are convinced the GE1 was real and are searching form what happened to the crew. As I bolded in the quote, it started out slow and kinda stupid. I almost stopped watching…then it kicked into gear.

It’s a South Korean movie, and I wouldn’t even consider it as being anywhere near the horror genre.

Yes it is, and I don’t know why I typed that it was from Japan. I know better.

You may or may not personally classify it as horror, it’s more a revenge flick/thriller I suppose, but that’s the category it generally gets lumped in to. For example back when there used to be such a thing as Blockbuster Video brick and mortar stores, that was the section you would find it in. At least at the one down the street from me.

Link to five recommended alternatives to Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, from today’s NPR page. These are fairly recent.

If you’re not inclined to click the link, the movies are:

The Innkeepers
Lovely Molly
The Cabin in the Woods