Good Retail Customers

I work as a retail pharmacy tech/clerk. A lot of the customers are a pain in the rear, as talked about in another thread. I’m trying to be a more optimistic person, so anybody want to share some stories about some good customers they have. Mine:

The little old men that come in, and always tell me how beautiful I am. Yes, I realize they are blind as bats, but it still feels good :wink:

Does anyone else have any? I know this may require hard thought, but I think there must be others out there :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten birthday and christmas cards from customers when I waited tables.

When I was working in the copy center at Staples, I had a regular customer that used to come in and tell me that the company was going to be sorry the day that I leave. That made me feel happy.

He was the last customer I helped the day I quit, and as I was leaving, he said he was going to switch copy centers.

I remember I was behind the counter at a clothing store and an elderly lady came up to me and said that with my “lovely height and figure” I probably had all the boys chasing after me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was standing on a box. :stuck_out_tongue: