Good riddance to bad rubbish (Scott Tucker sentenced)

Scott Tucker, payday lending millionaire and all-around jerk, is going to jail, hurray!

The whole payday loan system is a hot steaming mess, but nice to know one of them is going to spend some ‘quality time’ in prison.

Hopefully, he is able to pay for his room and board.

He can receive mail in jail, no? I think I’ll send him a card on his birthday every year to let him know he’s a piece of shit.

He still seems to think he is just a misunderstood visionary. He stole from the weakest in society. It’s people like him who make me regret my lack of belief in an afterlife, because he deserves a special place in hell.

Just because his vision is dark and evil doesn’t mean he isn’t a visionary!

But we understand him very well.


There isn’t a day I don’t envy the god bothering type for precisely that reason. And I don’t even long for eternal torture or whatever to befall such cunts - I just wish there was some kind of ultimate illumination after death where predators and my ex- would somehow be made to profoundly understand all the harm they’ve caused and empathize with all of it absent any possible rationalization or dissociation from any of it. A sort of clarity in guilt, if you will.
And then on that one second where they tearfully beg to be given the power to try again or go back to make things right, boop, oblivion, same as the rest of us. But I really wish they did feel that one second.

“My wife doesn’t understand me!”
“Oh no honey, she understands you juuuuust fine. Now get your hand off my ass.”

So I expect that he has a great deal of money squirreled away somewhere.

Do you have a scheme to seize criminal assets? The way the system works (rather ineffectively) in the UK is that criminal assets are seized subject to court order which determines exactly how much is to be paid based upon enforcement agency submissions, and if the criminal does not pay up they will end up with further jail time.

Seems to me this person should be required to turn over all his gains or not ever be released at all.

Yes they do. Several, in fact, since there are different provisions in different locations.

Here in the UK we don’t just catch the odd CEO; we take down the whole damn company. If they can’t play nice, they can’t play at all.

Do HSBC next, thx in advance.

“Tucker’s attorney and co-defendant,…”

That’s never a good situation.

It’s not up to me personally, you know. I just read the papers.

All I’m hearing are excuses !

Justice served

I did once write a committee paper on the effects of massive repeat fines (as HSBC, Lloyds, etc were getting hit with years ago in both the US and UK) on business models in the retail banking sector. They can take a lot of hits before it starts to hurt. But none of them are coming down any time soon (one hopes, considering the effect it would have).

But this might cheer you up: you know all those annoying claims management companies (PPI and “car accidents” and workplace incidents and so forth)? Guess who’s getting their regulation kicked up a notch next year? If only the US would do the same…

It’ll HAVE to be a guess. That link is paywalled.