Good Samaritan Saves Tiny Dog - Dramatic photo montage of rescue

Interesting set of photos.

Good Samaritan Saves Tiny Dog

Bibi was very lucky to have a stranger jump in and save her.

I’m wondering why Sue didn’t at least try and save him. If he struggled, she could have let go and and at least had the peace of knowing that she truly tried to save him.

That is a very precious story and event, astro, thank you!

You could just see the hope in Bibi’s eyes, and that guy is just as much a hero as he would be had he saved the life of a human!

Thanks for sharing that, astro!:slight_smile:


I was trying to think of how to phrase it. That’s completely true. You could see that Bibi knew the man was going to help him.

Awesome story. Thanks for making me cry. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s so sweet! I love a good, heart-warming story!

Aww. How sweet. The dog looked so cute at the end, all dry and safe.

And the savior was quite a bit of eye candy, no? :smiley:

It doesn’t say one way or the other, but I’d be inclined to assume she’s either unable to swim, or only competent to do so in calm, shallow waters: ie, just as likely to kill the dog *and *herself as anything else.

She looked a bit elderly to be jumping into cold water on a windy day.

To me she looked like a woman in her mid to late 50’s who was in decent shape.

… and I’m not taking anything away from what that great guy did, but if he’s not sportin’ wood in that picture, then he must be hell in bed.:slight_smile:

Happily Hetero (but very observant)


What about the shrinkage issue?

If that lady had been obeying the Melbourne leash laws, her dog would have never gone into the water in the first place. Lucky there was a brave good samaritan there to protect the dog from the owner’s stupidity.

I’ve wondered, how did they get such a tight close up on the dog in the third image? That seems a little odd for pictures shot live during a crisis.

The other images are more typical of stuff shot by on lookers.

Someone had a zoom lens on their camera?

I love you little shits!


He’s lucky to be alive - I don’t want to put a dampener on what turned out to be a happy outcome, but these stories normally end with the would-be rescuer being swept away or drowning (and often also with the dog subsequently struggling to shore on its own).

You’re not supposed to jump in a stormy sea to rescue a dog. You’re not really supposed to do it to rescue another human.

maybe this explains it

Luckily she didn’t strangle the dog while she was hugging the guy, That would have kind of devalued the whole thing.

That was my first reaction too - put your damn dog on a leash when out in public, especially where there are potential dangers (like the ocean).

Glad it all turned out well though.